Recently, MTRCB board member Mocha Uson shared a post of prayers and sympathy to the Philippine army using the photo of Honduras police. She then defended herself and called this act as symbolism. I’m not taking sides but we can’t deny that the netizens’ response to this issue was humorous as they created memes to this new meaning of symbolism. With this, I compiled ten of the wittiest symbolism memes from the minds of Filipino netizens. But let me just remind you, creating symbolism memes doesn’t mean we’re not taking the Marawi news seriously. Sometimes, we need to get things light, you know.


Please pray for Marawi

© Ignore Rants

It all started when a Facebook page, Ignore Rants, posted this photo with the above caption.


Katniss Everdeen offering her archery skills in the battle of Marawi

© JM Impas

Eventually, people commented their own take on this symbolism issue.


A female soldier clashes with Maute Group terrorist

© Alexander Matias

As of the time I wrote this blog post, this symbolism meme from Alexander Matias was the top comment of the post.


Female Maute terrorist throwing grenade at AFP soldiers

© Evan Sivan

Even Bernadette Sembrano can’t escape the trend.


PNP Chief Bato saving a girl in Marawi

© Bryan Ramirez

Vin Diesel as PNP Chief Bato!


Terrorist caught beheading an innocent girl

© Randelle Fajardo

Ika-anim Na Utos memes are all over the internet and of course, it includes symbolism memes.


Maute just released a new video for recruiting new members

© Danielle Franco

He’s recruiting anyone except Jepoy Dizon.


Darna fights a female Maute terrorist

© Arjay Caysip

I can’t believe they found this scene and make it as a symbol of terrorism.


Super Saiyan joined in fighting the terrorists

© Carl Rovy Esguerra

Maris Racal’s pose is just perfect for this meme.


Sharon Cuneta flew to Marawi to help the armed forces

© Paolo Mendoza

Sharon Cuneta is here to save the day!