Ten Things That Changed With The Arrival Of The Internet

Ten Things That Changed With The Arrival Of The Internet

Internet has forever changed the way we do things and the way we communicate with others and how we live our lifestyle. Here are ten reforming things that brought change with the advent of the Internet into our lives.


1. The spelling of the day

The spelling of the day

One of the things that came with the use of the Internet is that everyone who wants to can now have a blog or a diary online, where you can write about your life or what you like, make recommendations or tell stories. Then, blogs were born.


2. The way to send messages

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With the advent of social networking, we were much easier to send messages through Messenger, Facebook or Twitter, and other networks that we use for that matter, excluding email to speak at once.


3. The way to receive mail

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Before the advent of the Internet, we receive the mail with the classic paper charts the postman gave us, but that was a radical change. With the advent of the net, we now create an account in our name and hence, we get the emails.


4. The way to pay the bills

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Now, thanks to electronic payments for we are able to pay everything from the Internet, starting with the same Internet account, telephone, gas, cable, water and even the electricity bill.


5. New ways to tell

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The Internet has improved in much the speed with which we know the daily events, and has opened a vast world of knowledge and window to the world. Now, not only radio and television inform us because the Internet has become the third most immediate way in which we can get the news.


6. How to buy

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With the global Internet, we can make purchases around the world and do not need money to do it because we can use electronic payments as paypal or money mail among others.


7. The ability to play online

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Another thing we can thank the arrival of the Internet is that you can play online with other players around the world, although this is only through the games.


8. The way we communicate

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Internet revolutionized and is revolutionizing the way we communicate with others is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to bring our ideas to others. Social networks, email and IM have been key tools to achieve this.


9. How to watch videos

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The entertainment has taken a quantum leap in giving us tools like Youtube, Netflix and other video tools so that we can see how and when you would want as video on demand.


10. Bank transactions 

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Banking has never been easier than now. At any time and without leaving home, we can transfer funds from one account to another. Making electronic transactions is better, safer and easier than if we talk on the phone or if we go to a bank.


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