It’s almost two years from now since The Breakup Playlist was released from the cinemas. I heard good reviews about the flick back then. Well, I’m sure about that since Dan Villegas is the one who directed it. He already gained my admiration when he directed one of my favorite local movie, Walang Forever. But despite of having a great director, watching The Breakup Playlist during its showing date wasn’t in my plan. Please don’t be mad at me but I have to admit that I am not a fan of Sarah Geronimo and Piolo Pascual so I didn’t really put any effort on watching the film. But since there’s nothing to do last Sunday, I just chose to watch Kapamilya Mega Blackbusters wherein The Breakup Playlist was ongoing. I’m glad that it turned my boring afternoon into a fine one.

In the show, Sarah Geronimo, playing Trixie, is a law student who has a passion for music while Piolo Pascual, playing Gino, is a vocalist of a band in a summer music camp. Because Gino was impressed to Trixie’s voice, he offers her to join his band. When they were already together, their band becomes successful. However, they broke due to insecurities and ego.

Although it is not the typical Star Cinema film wherein the story focuses on how the couple meets and how they build their love for each other, The Breakup Playlist is still partly predictable. I actually guessed that there will be a reunion that will bring the two back together and thought that Trixie will agree to this because of her need on money. I was right! From this, I already knew what will happen next. The reconciliation part is very lame and the hugot lines didn’t gave an impact on me. I cried on some parts though, especially on the scene when Trixie had a talk with her parents.

Given these kind of characters, I enjoyed the fact that the flick has a hint of musical. Their theme song, Paano ba Magmahal, is beautifully written and sung. I can totally feel the heartbreak in the song. But that is already expected since Sarah Geronimo is professional on this. Back then, I honestly wished she just sticks to singing because her acting performances on her previous movies annoyed me. However, I’m surprised to her improvements as she tried to level herself to a brilliant actor like Piolo Pascual. They make a wonderful couple.

In spite of all the brickbats and with regards to all the praise, I’m looking forward to more shows starring these two and of course, Dan Villegas’ films.

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