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As promised, here’s my book review on Nicholas Sparks’ seventh novel, The Guardian. Well, he had a different take on this. It doesn’t include long distance relationships anymore just like in most of his books, The Notebook, The Best of Me, Dear John, etc. But it is as miserable as it is.

The Guardian is a story of a widow named Julie Barenson. Before her husband, Jim, died, he left her a Great Dane whom she named Singer. From the moment I read this, I became really really excited because the story is about a dog and you know how I love dogs. I witnessed Singer’s sweetness towards Julie which made me want to have my own Great Dane. With this, I realized why Jim gave her a pup and why the title of this novel is The Guardian. While Jim is away, he wanted to guide Julie in finding her new life partner through Singer. How lovely is that!

The first part of the book shows its romance side as Julie lets boys date with her until she was torn between Mike, Jim’s best friend, and Richard, a successful manager. I was quite disappointed because it felt like I was reading a Wattpad story with a deeper meaning. It’s a good thing that I didn’t stop because the strength of the story was at the end. It was totally intense as the delightful scenes turned into obsession and murders.

In the first place, I already had a bad feeling about Richard but I didn’t expect it to be as bad as that. The ending is so powerful to the point that I want to kill Richard by myself. It’s the kind of conclusion that won’t give you a hint who’s gonna die, given that Nicholas Sparks is not afraid to kill his characters. I thought that it will be Emma or Mabel or Henry or Jennifer. But it never came to me that it will be Singer. No! That dog is so lively and adorable and innocent and dear and big-hearted and human-like. Singer saving Julie from Richard while fighting the poison is such a brave act. He doesn’t deserve to be treated like that. And Richard was saying that he’s just gonna buy Julie a new one. Is he out of his mind? Oh yes, he is! I hate him! I’m glad he’s dead, too. No one’s gonna ruin Mike and Julie’s relationship anymore. But without Singer, it will really be different.

Nicholas Sparks never failed to impress me with his creations. His words have magic that makes its readers feel that they belong to the story. I can’t wait to finish all his books.

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