Love Affair Movie Review

At first, maybe, the audience beside us are wondering why my mother and I kept on laughing while the drama is going on. Okay. Let me first share our experience inside the cinema. We picked the seat number in the upper part of the cinema right in the middle. When we arrived there, we noticed that the air con was directly above us so we decided to take the seat beside us. But the person assigned to sit there came. We found another seat and same thing happened. We went up to the seat at the very last row and column, assuming that no one’s gonna sit there but we’re wrong. We continued changing seats until all of them were occupied, we just returned to our proper seats and laughed on what we have done. We’re lucky that we’re watching a catchy movie which made us move on and forget that experience and the air con for a while. Well, aside from our funny moment there, this wants to convey that the show was really anticipated by people. See? The cinema was full! And during the show, I can say that we didn’t waste one and a half hour of our life witnessing The Love Affair.

I never thought that a love triangle couldn’t have someone to blame just like this. We can’t please the hate of Patricia, Dawn Zulueta’s role, to Vince, Richard Gomez’s role, because his wrong decision is the real cause why their son died. This made Patricia seeked from another guy’s attention and love. But we can neither blame Vince because as a father, he also didn’t want the death of their son and because of Patricia having a love affair to another guy, he accidentally fell in love with another girl which is Adie, played by Bea Alonzo. Just like the two, we can’t blame Adie for returning Vince’s love because she was also heartbroken just like him. They had no intention to fall in love to each other. It was a pure accident. Adie knew that she was on the wrong path but it’s really hard to unfollow our heart, right? Aside from that, as what she said, Adie was just someone who was putting Vince back together when Patricia broke him.

Speaking of that line, that scene between Dawn and Bea was the most intense part of the movie. They were just throwing strong lines to each other but it seems like their already slapping each other to me. Also, there’s this another part of the movie that I love. I force myself not to cry but when Vince had a throwback about how their child died, my tears suddenly escaped from my eyes. That was another intense scene! But I wonder why this throwback was shown two times. Maybe, it’s acceptable if the throwback scene was long, but it wasn’t! And they were just similarly viewed. Well, that’s not a big problem so let’s just proceed.

I already expected that the output of the film will be a blast because the characters were played by undeniably great actors. But what I saw was beyond my expectations. However, for me, the teens, who played as the children of Vince and Patricia, were unable to reach the level of Dawn, Richard and Bea, well, except for Grae Fernandez. He did a great job there.

Aside from these actors, I would also like to congratulate the directors, writers and the whole The Love Affair Production. You deserve the success the movie got.