Throwback For Jamich

Throwback For Jamich

Sadness filled the hearts of Jamich fans because of the recent death of Jam Sebastian, the half of the popular YouTube sensation, partnered with Mich Liggayu, his real-life fiancee. Condolences and RIP are all I can see in the comment boxes of the posts of the family of Jam. Most of us just can’t really accept what had happened because it seems like it was just yesterday when my friends and I were reenacting their videos and singing and dancing “You and I,” the Jamich dance craze.

It is remembered how Jamich reached the fame by chance. The Youtube sensation talked about by the almost all of the teenagers in the country, is zooming past ahead towards prominence because of their own videos they’ve created and uploaded that instantly gain thumbs up among the online viewers.

For now, let us have  throwback as we watch Jamich TV.

By Chance

This video garnered 8 million hits on Youtube and still counting, became the 14th place on the most subscribed channel and most viewed video in the Philippines for November and December 2011. What makes this appealing is the way it conforms to reality. They claim that this video was indeed a true story – tribulations of their relationships they’ve established.


My Nerdy Valentine

Is this Rom Com? It is because it made me laugh more than the first video, which is good. This is perfect to be included to your watchlist during Valentine for they send the message that you should date the right person who truly makes you happy. And no matter what they look like, nerdy or not, they really look good together.



I first watched this in Jam bus as I travel my way to Manila, so I don’t understand the story well because the audio wasn’t that loud. I just enjoy the video itself. Then, I heard my seatmate said, “Bakit ganon? Ang sadista noong babae.” I was also curious so I watched it when I finally arrived at home and found out that the message was just deep – its the heart that communicates when we love.



I cried when I first read this story of Marcelo Santos III in Youtube and I cried even more when the words of Marcelo’s story turned into actions wherein Jamich done it really great. They are like professionals! They have this magic that carries away the viewers and makes us cry, I must say that deserve a lot more. Perhaps, Mich, entering showbiz is one. Jam will be very proud.


Five Years From Now

Aside from short films, Jamich also produce covers, parodies, BTS, DIYs and random videos such as this one. They are so cute together especially when they let their imagination wander as their minds travel five years later. Well, this was uploaded last 2011, but the saddest thing happened into their life the year before the time their imagination should turn into reality. However, I’m sure they will still be together someday, somewhere.

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