Top Ten Songs: A Love For Kpop

top ten songs a love for kpop

I’m not really into K-pop, in the sense that, though I’ve known about K-pop in a long while now from peers and other people, I’ve never really, personally, gotten into it like most K-pop fans do. I would know some K-pop groups and such, but never really knew their contributions to music. However, I can still be attracted to some of their songs and love them as much as I love my favorite songs. I’m enjoying them and their music videos as well. It wasn’t only ear-catchy, but the artistic concept was really glamorous. There’s something about K-pop that I can’t name. It’s not the typical pop we normally hear. They really have a unique sound and distinguishable voices and turns. I love their sound which made me write a list of my favorite K-pop songs.


10. Bingeul Bingeul by U-Kiss

Do you know what I love about K-pop music? The editors really exert effort on making the music videos making it precious and expensive. They make sure that the choreography and dances are good and organized. And Bingeul Bingeul of U-Kiss is one proof in that statement. They gave justice to the beauty of the song.


9. I Love You by 2ne1

When I first heard 2ne1’s I Love You, I thought it was Lady Gaga’s song. I’m so sorry! CL’s voice at first part is like Lady Gaga’s voice in Born This Way. Anyways, 2ne1 never disappoints me whenever I’m listening to their tracks. Even though they try to be fierce or wild, they still seem like nice, pretty-faced and decent singers.


8. Fantastic Baby by Big Bang

I didn’t know Fantastic Baby until it became viral on Dubsmash wherein dancers suddenly appear from their friend’s back. From then on, my friends and I love to groove with the music as it says dance, dance, dance, d-dance, dance. We even speed up the music to 1.5 and we party-party! Try speeding it up and you’ll enjoy it more.


7. Oppa Oppa by Super Junior

When our class are having fun during our high school sophomore days, we usually play Oppa Oppa of Super Junior. We dance and jump and run and shout to its beat in the four corners of our classroom. We also watched its music video as the girls were stunned to the handsomeness and dancing skills of Donghae and Eunhyuk.


6. Hot Issue by 4 Minute

The first part of the instrumental will definitely catch the attention of its listeners and will make them conclude that it is a nice song. I remember that this was such a big hit back in 2010 and 2011. What a good start for 4 Minute! And now, these five girls came far making a hot issue, not just in Korea, but worldwide.


5. One More Time by Three Bicycle

This is probably one of the first Korean song that I’ve ever heard. Because of always hearing it during the Boys Over Flowers days, I memorized it without knowing the right lyrics. That’s weird! It always gives me the chills, especially when it plays as Geum Jan Di, Goo Jun Pyo and the other members of F4 are having a moment.


4. Nobody by Wonder Girls

Wonder Girls’ Nobody is old, but we can’t deny the fact that we loved or love it. I remember that it was really a huge hit for years. I also remember that this is one of the songs introduced K-pop to the world and started the K-pop craze. I don’t just memorized the lyrics, but also its dance steps. I guess, it’s not only me who know this.


3. Oppa Gangnam Style by Psy

It’s crazy dance moves, incomprehensible lyrics, goofy tune, entertaining singer and amusing music video caused it to have billion views on Youtube, making Psy really famous. Well, he deserve it since this song is really catchy. Almost everyone danced its steps even my classmates and I who danced it under the rain and in our school play.


2. I am the Best by 2ne1

Every time there’s an event or program in school, I am the best is always present in intermission numbers. During those times, I thought it’s not a Korean song even though the lyrics say that it is. I don’t know. I just feel that the song was produced by some girl groups in Hollywood. But when I knew that it was 2ne1’s, woah, hands down!


1. I Got A Boy by Girls Generation

We can’t blame people for liking SNSD because they really rocked our world. How I admire these girls for their beautiful faces, awesome choreography and of course, addicting music! If I could just put all their songs here, but I have to be fair because I want the other K-pop groups, too. So I just put my most wanted song of SNSD.

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