Train To Busan Movie Review


Okay. Do I need to have a review on this? It’s clear that Train to Busan is first class causing it to be notable to many and there’s nothing to criticize. Maybe, I’ll just write the reason why it is a must-watch although I know almost everyone have seen this on the big screen. In fact, they are the ones who pushed me to watch it because spoilers are truly everywhere saying that it’s scary, that it made them cry, that they were outraged to a guy named Yon-suk and that they claim this as their favorite flick. Memes about it were all over the internet, too, and I didn’t get them. Perhaps, it was time to watch Train to Busan.

Since I already expected it to be sad and fearsome at the same time, I tried not to cry or to be horrified. I succeeded on my second challenge which is keeping myself from being frightened, but I failed doing the first one which is hiding my tears. At the first part, I was able to do it. When every human sacrificed his or her life, I just felt miserable, let my heart skipped a beat, but didn’t cry. But the last part was truthfully unexpected. I didn’t know that the main character, Seok-woo, was going to die! When he knew that he was bitten, infected and going to be a zombie and decided to leave his daughter, Soo-an, together with Sung-gyeong, because he might infect them, I already can’t help myself from wailing. My tears are flowing like waterfalls. I bet no one can do the no crying challenge with Train to Busan.

I must say that Train to Busan is an all-in-one film. Although it’s main genre is horror and thriller, I also view it as a drama film. You can never catch a happy scene. Everything was heavy. I can see adventure into it. The exciting undertaking involving risk and physical danger formed the storyline. Action is also there. I was amazed to the fighting skills of Sang-hwa, Young-gook and Seok-woo when they passed through four train cars filled with zombies. There is also a hint of science fiction explaining why the zombies existed. And the main lesson of the story falls under the genre, family. As seen in the first part of the movie, Seok-woo lacks concern for other people as he only thought for himself and his daughter. As the story went by, he was learning to help other riders of the train against the zombies. Although he and his daughter were the main characters of the story, it is also inspiring to see the stories of other passengers like Sang-hwa and his pregnant wife, Seong-gyeong, the high school baseball team, the elderly sisters In-gil and Jon-gil and the homeless man. Their kindness to one another despite of what’s happening to them makes me smile.

Seok-woo is an attractive guy in real life, as well as Young-gook and Sang-hwa. Also, the Korean beauties of Sung-Gyeong, Jin-hee and Soo-an are evident off-cam. However, their charm can’t be seen anymore in the show. When I searched for the casts, I was surprised on the huge difference of their appearance. In the movie, they don’t mind if they look horrible since that is the scenario required them to do. This made Train to Busan so realistic. It feels like their zombie apocalypse is truly happening. Adding to the naturalism are their awesome effects, great editing and graphic production. But hey, there is one thing here that is inconceivable. How come that the pregnant didn’t suffered from miscarriage after all that had happened to them?

Anyway, it’s rare for Philippine cinemas to release Korean films. And I’m glad that Train to Busan is one of those rare movies. Well, it’s deserving to be one. It deserves its fame. It’s something that I’ve never seen before. I hope this flick made Filipinos realize what a movie should be or what Philippine movies should look like.


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