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I don’t have the guts to make a review about this saga because almost all of us read it and knew its story. So what I did was to make a quiz about it. How well do you know Twilight? Let’s find out in this quiz.


1. What is Bella’s truck?

a. 1953 Ford Pickup
b. 1955 Chevy Pickup
c. 1954 Ford Pickup
d. 1953 Chevy Pickup


2. Who is the first student Bella meets on her first day of school?

a.  Jessica
b. Jacob
c. Mike
d. Eric


3. Who took Bella away to Phoenix when she was on the run from the tracker?

a. Carlisle and Esme
b. Alice and Emmett
c. Rosalie and Emmett
d. Alice and Jasper


4. Where does Edward take Bella at the end of the first book?

a. a hunt
b. the prom
c. Port Angeles
d. out of dinner


5. What holiday is being celebrated on the tape that James uses to trick Bella into coming to ballet studio?

a. Christmas
b. Easter
c. Halloween
d. Thanksgiving


6. During what class does Bella faint?

a. Biology
b. Gym
c. Trigonometry
d. English


7. What is Jasper’s ability?

a. seeing the future
b. ability to withstand blood
c. reading minds
d. manipulation of emotions


8. In what year and where did Carlisle find Edward and what was he dying from at the time?

a. 1919, New York, Cholera
b. 1918, Chicago, Spanish Influenza
c. 1917, Philadelphia, Polio
d. 1920, St. Louis, Yellow Fever


9. Why do the Cullens only play baseball when it storms?

a. They find it more fun to play in the rain
b. They hit so hard that it sounds like a thunder and they need a storm so people won’t wonder
c. They don’t only play when it rains. They whenever they feel like it.
d. None of the above


10. What is the excuse Edward makes up for the condition that Bella is in toward the end?

a. she fell down two flights of stairs and through a window
b. she fell down a hill into a thorn bush
c. she fell out of a moving vehicle
d. she ran into a parked car


Know if your answers are correct! And let me know it. Comment your scores below.

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