Two Dots is a puzzle video game developed by Playdots Inc. It allows players to connect dots to survive and level up. If you remember Dots, you will realize that they have the same mechanics since Two Dots is a sequel of it.

Two Dots was famous when I was in my first year of college. I was so addicted, as well as my classmates, but our addiction lasted as we easily got tired into it. We just do the same thing all over again, which is to connect dots of the same color until the number of cleared dots is achieved. It’s a good thing that the challenges and power-ups somehow retain the fun. There is the anchor wherein you have to put them at the bottom by clearing the dots underneath it. On the other hand, ice tiles will be cleared by matching the dot inside it it and the dots beside it. Lotus dots activate once they touch a dot in the same color. Beetle Dots take three hits to activate. And thunder clouds helps you in clearing the dots between them.

But unlike other apps, it’s a game that I don’t delete from my phone until now because I use it as a time-killer whenever I don’t have anything to do and there is no WiFi. You heard that right. Two Dots do not require WiFi and that is its advantage among other games for two reasons. It can be played anytime and anywhere and there are no ads disturbing the player. Moreover, it’s effective in enhancing one’s mind.

Basically, Two Dots is honestly a bad app but it’s something you will come back for. I hope the developers will update and improve this.