Uber Totes TG

Ever since my gradeschool days, I am already aware of the existence of the total girl magazine. I first discovered it when my friends and I got attracted to the its cover, Demi Lovato. Because of the curiousity of what’s inside, we bought one for each of us. And I tell you, I never regret that I bought that mag. In fact, this led me to check the magazine stand of every bookstore I go just to look for the latest issue of TG. This was added to my collections. Oh love it!


TG mag is mainly dedicated to girls. But now that I’m a lady, I am still having fun reading those. Well, it’s because everything I want and need are in this amazeballs – great places to visit, foods to try and a lot more. It gives advices in coping family, ‘rents, friends, bestie, BFF, BFFL, school and personal problems, latest trends about fashion and technology, updates on our favorite celebs, paw-some informations, QOTD and DIYs.

It’s simply a must have for every tween. It will make you the better one that you want – fashionista, crafty or even cray cray! Adorbs! Huzzah!

The September 2014 issue, and at the same time, the 10th anniversary issue of Total Girl with Ariana Grande as their cover.



The February 2014 issue of Total Girl with Bella Thorne as their cover.



The January 2014 issue of Total Girl with Debbie Ryan as their cover.



The December 2013  issue of Total Girl Magazine with Barretto Sisters, Julia and Claudia, as their cover.



The November 2013 issue of Total Girl with Taylor Swift as their cover of Total Girl Magazine.