uncontrollable lust book review

“Please make a review about this book.” – this was the message my personal Facebook account received along with a book cover attached into it. The title says Uncontrollable Lust. Like what? Like seriously? My friend really wants me to read this? Yes, the one who suggested this book is my friend. She said she just wanted to know my interpretation about it. She also said that she would treat me if I do write a review about it. Okay, then. Who would say no to free food?

Though the book was rated 18, my friend explained that the story don’t focus on the lust thing that much. And I agree on her statement when I finished the book. Those SPG parts occupies only few pages from the start and end of the book. Readers can skip those parts because it’s really detailed yet not important. However. My point is that if you’re an open-minded person, you won’t see the whole story as dirty. You just have to understand that it absolutely happens in real life.

I love the book for not being cliche.¬†It’s my first time to read this kind of story. This made me feel comfortable to tell some parts of the story. But if you don’t want some spoilers, just skip this paragraph. So, it goes like this. Jolina’s and Seth’s uncontrollable lust causes Jolina to be pregnant. Ciarra, who wants Seth badly, made him believe that the baby Jolina carries was not his and spread rumors that it was Kirby’s, a guy who likes Jolina. Rage fills Seth’s body and wanted Jolina and Kirby out of his life. Jolina tried to explain things but Seth still believed to the rumors. She’s lucky to have Kirby by her side who acted as the father when the real father of the child, Seth, left them. Kirby also did his best to make Jolina move on. But she just can’t do it right away and surprisingly, neither Seth. As Ciarra flirts with him, he realized that he wanted Jolina back, but it was too late because Jolina already had a family on her own he, also was going to have a baby with Ciarra. Despite of these events, Seth still tried to persuade Jolina to come back to him. This confused Jolina’s heart of who among the two boys will she choose. Can I end the story here? I don’t want to spoil you that much. If you really want to know who did Jolina choose to continue her life with, buy the book and find it yourself.

When you read the book up to this point, you will realize that this is the book that shows no hint on who among the two boys will succeed the girl protagonist’s heart, unlike the other stories which easily tells us that he is the one. If I were to choose for Jolina, at first, I don’t like Kirby because I thought that he would just ruin the Jolina-Seth love team. But no. He’s the one who fixed Jolina’s broken pieces so my vote is for him now. And when Seth’s trust to Jolina can’t be seen anymore when he believed in the rumors, I started to hate him. I wanted to scream “you deserve that repentance¬†you’re experiencing!” right in front of his face. As the story flows, I kept hoping that Jolina will end up with Kirby.

You can see on the things I’m arguing here the impact of the story to me. That just means that the author had a great job on doing an interesting and effective story. It hit me. It hit my friend. It hit all its readers! And we love it.

Well, I love it except from the end. It was a bit messy and I feel that the author’s on rush. Maybe, she wanted to end it on a certain time for a certain reason. I just hope that she doesn’t made it obvious. Actually, I understood that Jolina and Kirby, Seth and Ciarra and Mich and Joe ended together. Oops I split! Anyway, the book was tad thick but in only five or less pages, the story immediately ended that way. However, without thinking its rapidness, I’m glad that it had a happy ever after between Jolina and Kirby. I’m also glad for the author having this kind of success. She and her book, Uncontrollable Lust, deserve it all!

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