Unforgettable Lines From Pinoy TV Series

lls from pinoy tv series

In movies, with just two hours, we can be stunned to a number of hugot lines, unforgettable lines and famous dialogues already, how much more if the time was bigger like in TV series which is 25 to 30 minutes per episode. I guess the number of hugot lines and other stuff will multiply. And for your information, the lines uttered by the TV characters are not just lines, but instead, they are meaningful, powerful, inspiring and iconic lines that make the viewers LLS on it. Yes, LLS! If we have the LSS, we also got LLS which means Last Lines Syndrome. I really salute the scriptwriters, directors and actors for having teleseryes that communicate with us through the scripts. And to give tribute to those creative minds behind these top-ranking shows, here are my list of the unforgettable lines from Pinoy TV series.


“Tira, tira” – Kim Chiu, My Girl

tira tira kim chiu

If Vivian screams “Aja” in Lovers in Paris as a sign for “go” or “I can do it”, Jasmine bellows “Tira, Tira” in My Girl. Both TV series are based from the Korean version of Lovers in Paris and My Girl, but Jasmin’s “Tira, Tira” is originally Pinoy. During its running time, some of the viewers imitate this line when they are up to something.


“If you want war, I’ll give you war!” – Gretchen Barretto, Magkaribal

gretchen barretto if you want war, i'll give you war

The quarter of the Barretto sisters is making waves as she challenges Vera in the position “Queen of Philippines Fashion.” The beautiful Gretchen Barretto deserves an award for delivering this unforgettable line. Well, this is actually just the start of the war they said. Aside from this, there’s more arguments and burning statements in Magkaribal that you miss if you didn’t watch the whole series.


“I never said that I love you.” – Sam Milby, Maging Sino Ka Man

sam milby i never said that i love you

When we are asked what Maging Sino Ka Man line we remember, for sure, our answer will always be this line. This JB’s statement is so unforgettable that even almost a decade passed by after this best drama series ran, it is still remembered by people. In fact, I saw a number of Dubsmash with guys imitating Sam Milby’s actions.


“Sorry Po.” – Kathryn Bernardo, Got to Believe

kathryn bernardo sorry po

The hottest love team of this generation made their fans crazy in only two words. We always say these words when we feel sorry to someone older but there’s something in Kathryn Bernardo that caused “Sorry Po” colorful. With those sleeveless collared blouse and maxi skirt on, teenage girls didn’t just copy the line itself but also the bow and the downward hands. Honestly, I am one of them. Check out OOTD: Sorry Po.


“Marimar! Aw!” – Marian Rivera, Marimar

marian rivera marimar

Marian Rivera was on her way to fame with her impressive portrayal of Marimar in the self-titled top-rating teleserye. Actually, “Marimar! Aw!” isn’t really a line that was heard on the remake-adaptation itself but instead, it’s heard in the TV series’ theme song. With matching dance steps, most Filipinos are singing the song even some of them only knew this line in the lyrics.


“You are fired! Kuha mo?” – Coney Reyes, 100 Days to Heaven

coney reyes You are fired! Kuha mo!

If you don’t remember this line, you ask the kids and I assure you that they know answer because this TV series are dedicated for children. However, the line can be heard anywhere then and is so famous that even teens and adults are familiar with the line and the show. Actually, Anna Manalastas was played both by Coney Reyes and Xyriel Manabat, but I chose Coney Reyes because I feel afraid on Xyriel’s version of this line.


“Walang sa’yo, Nicole. Akin lang ang asawa ko” – Angel Locsin, The Legal Wife

angel locsin walang sayo nicole, akin lang ang asawa ko

When someone steals your husband, I bet these are also the words that will come out to your mouth. But most people say this line even though there’s no Nicole in their life. I mean, they are just beaming it to impersonate Monica. That’s how unforgettable this line is! To add on that, Angel Locsin’s delivery was so powerful that the viewers can feel the anger and pain in each words.


“Honesto! Promise!” – Raikko Mateo, Honesto

honesto promise

I laughed when my friends told me that they shout the line time by time without knowing the story of the show where “Honesto! Promise!” originate. Well, it’s about a Pinocchio-like boy whose nose gets big and red whenever he lies. Wearing his bonnet, Honesto is so cute when he says his own line to the point that he can really convince his viewers, especially the younger ones, to be honest.

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