Vedette For A Relaxing Spa At Home

Vedette For A Relaxing Spa At Home

Once in a while, despite of the stress we’re going through, it is important to maintain a clean and vibrant skin. Beauty experts advise us to visit beauty clinics in order to cleanse, tone and moisturize our skin since facial treatments can do better, more serious and deeper clean than our regular bath. However, getting facial treatments would be a lot better if we perform it at home and Vedette allows us to do that.

As what they say, Vedette is one of today’s biggest emerging skin care brands, which offers all natural and pampering facial care products. Their product offers unique variants that address specific skin care needs to give you a young, vibrant glow like a star. Vedette products have ingredients from the leading skincare manufacturers in Europe and Japan and packaged in Vietnam.

There are four available products here in the Philippines. And as a Bella, a user of Belle de Jour planner, which offers coupons and discounts to their partners such as Vedette, I ordered all four. Honestly, I had a bad experience ordering because of their trusted courier, Xend. I encountered a rude delivery boy! But I think I don’t need to tell the whole story since it’s not under the care of Vedette anymore. However, when it comes to Vedette, I wish they include receipts on their deliveries and I also wish they imported more products from Vietnam.


Clay Facial Mask

vedette clay facial mask

clay facial mask

Vedette Clay Facial mask combines the property of soggy mud and mineral salts for a bright and smooth skin that radiates health and beauty. It’s actually my first time to wear a facial mask and I thought that their clay facial mask will solidify a few minutes after resting it, but it didn’t. It is applied as a cream and will be washed as a cream. But I have to admit that I felt the smoothness of my face after applying this Clay Facial Mask though the effect is not in long term.


Purifying Peel-off Mask

vedette purifying peel-off mask

purifying peel-off mask

Vedette Purifying Peel-off Mask is an alginate-based smooth paste that serve as a second skin once applied, creating a skin-tightening effect for a flawless appearance and radiant clarity. This comes in three scents – white tea, cucumber and honey. Honey has the most pleasant smell of them all. Peeling a mask is expected to be painful but instead of pain, I felt the tickle of their Purifying Peel-off Mask. Moreover, one sachet is more than enough so I can still utilize the unused paste the next session.


Yoghurt Mask Sheet

vedette yoghurt mask sheet

yoghurt mask sheet

And the best feeling award goes to Vedette’s Yoghurt Mask Sheet! Is there such a thing? Nevertheless, this Mask Sheet keeps me comfortable as it holds my face firmly. When I opened the pack of Vedette products delivered to me, I immediately sensed a wonderful smell and I found out that this was the one possessing that odor since it is made with yoghurt. But what’s yoghurt for? Because of that ingredient, Vedette Yoghurt Mask Sheet is rich in lactic acid, enzymes, minerals and zinc for smoother, younger skin.


Whitening Facial Mask Sheet

vedette whitening facial mask sheet

whitening facial mask sheet

As you can see, their Whitening Facial Mask Sheet has the same kind of mask sheet as the previous one. But of course, they changed the serum for this. Vedette Whitening Mask contains vitamins B1, B2, B3, C and 18 amino acids that restore skins’ softness and radiance. I didn’t feel the whitening effect of this mask, instead, I felt the itch. Maybe, it’s because I already had a fair skin. I know I don’t need a whitening regimen. I just tried it for the purpose of this blog. Also, it’s too big for me making me uncomfortable.

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