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Rivalry – they do make our lives more interesting. Don’t you think? Well, most of us do. Who’d like to live in a world where you can’t choose Yahoo over Google or Mac over Windows? Rivalries have added spice and flavor to life. I have, for your reading pleasure, created a list of some of the country’s and the world’s greatest rivalry.


1. Pepsi vs. Coke

coke vs pepsi

Type: carbonated cola soft drink

Pepsi: manufactured by The Coca Cola Company, Georgia, 1886

Coke: manufactured by PepsiCo, New York, 1893

My choice: I honestly don’t know in terms of taste, but Coke gives more fun like the Coca Cola Friendship Machine.

This is an age-old question for a lot of us: Pepsi or Coke? These two major soft drink manufacturers seem to have completely ruled out losing to each other, and they are doing everything they could just to top the other.


2. Vilma Santos vs. Nora Aunor

vilma santos vs nora aunor

Type: Filipina actress

Vilma Santos:  active from 1963 to present and known for the movies, Anak and Sister Stella L

Nora Aunor: active from 1967 to present and known for the movies, Himala and The Flor Contemplacion Story

My choice: I’ve seen more of Vilma Santos, but I’ll give this option to my parents.

The star for all seasons or the superstar? Mention this to your parents and they will surely volunteer their choice. More than the rivalry of the two celebrities is the rivalry of the movie fanatics. They put glitters to their names and color to their careers.


3. Ateneo vs. La Salle

la salle vs ateneo

Type: Private, Research University

Ateneo: established by the Society of Jesus, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City, 1859

La Salle: founded by the De La Salle brothers, Taft Avenue, Manila, 1911

My choice: I can’t renounce my own school.

Is it blue or green? Their rivalry is the most popular in the University Athletic Association of the Philippines but it actually started from way way back. Their academic standards are way above the rest and they keep on proving who’s ahead.


4. ABS-CBN vs. GMA

gma vs abs cbn

Type: broadcast commercial television network

ABS-CBN: Alto Broadcasting System – Chronicle Broadcasting Network, 1953

GMA: Global Media Arts, 1961

My choice: I’ll go for the leading one who has more celebrities that I know.

How I love reading comments below the videos posted in Youtube. And when I am viewing for local celebrities acts, I can see debates about their respective TV networks from their fans. How about you – Kapuso or Kapamilya?


5. Smart vs. Globe

smart vs globe

Type: telecommunication services

Smart: subsidary of PLDT, 1991

Globe: partnership between Ayala Corp. and Singapore Telecom, 1935

My choice: My parents work in Smart Accredited Sales Center, so yeah.

Knowing that the Philippines is the text capital of the world, for sure, our country is having a telco war between the two largest telecommunications companies. They’re boiling over online! But the question is who’s really winning?


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