#WalangForever Movie Review

walang forever movie review

Each person has different perspectives on forever because each person has different forever stories. I do believe in forever as long as you’re with the right person, at the right time and at the right place. I also interviewed my friends if they believe in forever and their answers were posted in my blog post, Walang Forever. However, for Ethan, there isn’t and for Mia, there is. The movie, #WalangForever, shares the story of this couple who has contradicting perspectives on Forever. It’s a story of setting priorities between romantic love and family, lowering one’s pride for his love and facing death of someone special.

Although it’s packed with revelations for the audience and challenges for the lovers, the first part of the movie doesn’t directly make people cry, instead, it connects with people to make them cry. The length of the relationship, the breakup, the reconciliation, the comeback, how the boy acts – it’s almost my ours, well, not the death part. Back then, I’ve told myself that my love life could really be transformed into a movie. But seeing Mia’s works, I realized that it can create more than one movie, like their own love story. It absolutely touched my heart, especially at the end. There’s no clue in the beginning that that kind of ending was coming. What a twist!

Most movies give special attention to the couple’s kissing scene. They even look surprised that their lips touched. WTF! Are they implying that kissing is something new and rare to a relationship? In reality, it’s normal to smack the one you love as much as you like, right? So the lovers in the movie should stand to their roles and act normal even in kissing their partner. That’s what I love about Walang Forever. The two main characters are not awkward to face each other closely. In fact, with that kind of contact, they seem to be in a true relationship. I wonder if Jericho Rosales and Jennylyn Mercado are close friends personally before shooting because they look so comfortable working with each other, especially as lovers. If I only didn’t know that Jericho has a wife, I’ll suspect that there’s something between them. Moreover, I’m guessing that the two stars were acting their real personality in the movie. That’s how realistic and natural their performances was. I can’t find more words to describe the brilliance of Jericho and Jennylyn when it comes to acting.

My favorite part is the moment when the two of them are imagining themselves as celebrities and wishing they were Maja Salvador and Derek Ramsay as if they’re not non-showbiz persons in reality.

Jericho and Jennylyn already proved their skills even before this movie. But there’s this one person that amazed me the most – Director Dan Villegas. I’ve seen his expertise in making romcom films and it was good. Now that I switched to his drama films and I wish I’d focused more into this side of his because it was way better than that. #WalangForever is a romcom, too, but I consider it as drama because it felt like one. Anyway, with this story he gave life, I must say he levels with a Cathy Garcia Molina. His direction in #WalangForever was exceptional. He has a creative way of telling his stories like in #WalangForever which is through Mia Nolasco’s films. He knows how to increase the anticipation of the watchers. He knows where it’s best to insert comedy to a drama. Generally, he know professionalism. I’m looking forward for more of his creation.

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