Wattpad Cliches

wattpad cliches we encounter

cli•ché (klē•shā’) n. A fixed or stereotyped expression which has lost its significance through frequent repitition

– The New International Webster’s Dictionary

When we hear of Wattpad, the word next to it would be the word I gave definition above, cliche stories. In my reviews for Wattpad books, I always say that their story being cliche is not a big deal for me, anymore, because it’s a Wattpad story. The word “Wattpad” explains it all! You can’t blame the writers for writing cliches because they aren’t as professional as you think. What matters for me is how it affects my feelings while I’m reading it.

However, I still care for these writers because some readers can’t understand my point. Here is the list of Wattpad cliches that the authors should avoid so they won’t be judged by some audience.

1. Bad boy and the good girl fall in love into each other.

The bad boy is described either of the following – gangster, rich kid, arrogant, basketball or any other sports’ team leader, player or heartthrob – that fell in love and was changed by a good girl who is described either of the following – a commoner, nerd, loner, poor kid, ugly-duckling, slave or kind-hearted – that really do not like the bad boy at first. Oh let me add that the boy was flawless and really handsome and has more abs than Taylor Lautner. Then, they experienced a problem that will bring them together but they do not want at first. But after a few days, they accepted the challenge and as time passes by, the said challenge will be the start of their love story.


2. Mean girls and the good boys are the antagonists.

So yeah, the bad boy and the good girl are already having a good relationship when a girl came into the scene who is either the cheerleader, the guy’s ex or the most beautiful girl in the world who is sexier than Kim Kardashian or Nicki Minaj but makes bitch things just to get that handsome guy from the simple girl. On the other hand, the girl protagonist will have a crush to another perfect guy that she met, but this time, a good one – not a gangster, not a player, another sport’s team leader, a heartthrob and maybe rich and feels the same way towards the good girl. At the end, the mean girl and the good boy will give up the person they love so that the bad boy and the good girl will end up together.


3. The couple who split up and was reunited.

The author loves the couple too much and he or she doesn’t want them to be apart in the book’s ending. After the mean girl and the good boy ruined their relationship that may cause split up, the bad guy will have an explanation to everything – that he doesn’t cheated on her, that his feelings were true, that he just did it because of a bet, dare or an external problem, that he just wanted to protect her and such. And afterwards, the good girl will understand him and will realize that she can’t live without the guy. So they will be reunited! The end! I don’t know why it always happens in Wattpad wherein fact, it rarely happens in real life. Hey! I don’t want my ex-boyfriend be back again. Never!


4. Accidentally bumping to each other

Of all the cliches I could think, this is the most common not just in Wattpad but also in TV, movies and even in our school play. First off, let me tell something. When I was in my third year, we had a theater play – a love story between my character and a guy. Guess how we met. We bumped into each other! During my fourth year, we had a different theater play which tells a different love story. But meeting my character’s destined partner has the same scenario. Like what? That’s so rusty! Can we not just think of another scene? I mean, it really doesn’t happen in real life as often as what the books tell. Okay. Let’s say that accidentally bumping people is acceptable. However, we don’t collide with the same person all over again.


5. Bathroom Scenes

Bathroom scene – when we think of that two words, there’s a certain scenario that immediately comes into our minds. Am I right? That’s how cliche it is. Let me guess it. A boy or a girl was taking a bath in a bathroom with either a broken lock or maybe, forgotten to lock the door when his or her soon-to-be-partner hater suddenly opened the door and saw him or her naked. Ugh! Whenever the boy and the girl are in the same house and one was about to take a bath, I already assume that this would happen and among all the Wattpad books I’ve read, this bathroom scene is in. Seriously, most people check the bathroom’s door first before they undress themselves. But I have to admit, some of them were effective that it made me feel the kilig.


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