How To Wear Plaid

how to wear plaid

As years pass by, we know that plaid will always be there. Other fashion styles are going in and out of the hot list but still, this pattern will always be a universally wearable trend. From top to bottom, plaid works with wide range of styles, making it a recurring favorite among actors and actresses and other fashion artists. Honestly, if I look at plaid itself closely, it seems so boring. But it needs not to be boring so make it scream fun by checking out these unique ways to rock it!


Plaid Top

plaid top

I see a lot of people wearing this outfit already. It is very common, but still it is appealing. Pair your plaid top with neutral solids to make it casual. Your favorite pair of jeans can already match a loose, slightly oversized button-down plaid shirt.

Top: Boardwalk | Pants: RRJ | Shoes: Vans


Plaid Outerwear

plaid outerwear

Plaid polo as an outerwear? If its not that hot outside, then why not! But you should think properly on something that you’ll pair into it, or else, you’ll look like a farmer. Combine it with a complementary inner shirt or blouse, shorts or leggings and sneakers or ballet flats.


Plaid Dress

plaid dress
© Janecel Jamig

Satisfy your girly side with this plaid doll dress. Make it pop by picking an accessories, cardigan and shoes that will match your plaid doll dress. If you have an evening dress instead, throw on a pair of tights. I’m really sure that this will be perfect for family events.

Cardigan: Crissa | Belt: It Girl


Plaid Jumpsuit

plaid jumpsuit

When we hear of plaid jumpsuit or plaid skirt, the first thing that comes into our minds is the schoolgirl’s jumpsuit or skirt. But you know what, we can also be fashionable wearing those. Just add accessories and sandals of your choice.

Bag: Parisian


Plaid on Plaid

plaid on plaid
© Janecel Jamig

Plaid is a bold pattern, so you should avoid overwhelming your look with too much of it. But if you are a fierce fashionista, then you will not consider this rule. Go ahead and experiment with varying pattern and sizes. But you should still consider something – the color!

Top: Next | Shoes: Crocs

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