What if

Sometimes, we can’t help but imagine the wildest things, the absurd and the silliest things. Well, they said that only the creative minds can imagine things. Let’s see how creative the minds of some of the kids and teens of this generation can be by the power of the question “What if.”

What if people use their feet in getting something?

  • Maybe people will use their hands to walk. – Diane Virtucio
  • Maybe we can call our hands as feet and our feet as hands. – Hans Ng
  • Then we can’t reach that something if its on top of us. – Jimbo Perez

What if there’s no day and only night?

  • We’ll be using to much electricity because of darkness. –¬†Janelle Dino
  • The time for sleeping will be longer. – Lloyd Virtucio
  • Here comes the babies! – Rose Ann Gamez

What if the stone is soft?

  • It will be alright to be barefoot outside. – Mark Atienza
  • I can throw them to people as many as I want. – Kyna Penafiel
  • The phrase “pusong bato” will have a different meaning. – Nicole Chang

What if we don’t have bones?

  • Maybe we would just stay in our beds, sleeping all day and night. – Hannah Untalan
  • Maybe we can form our body into different shapes. – Kiana Jabat
  • Manny Pacquiao won’t be famous. – Airo Reyes

What if people have only one eye?

  • People will look silly. – Emery Punzalan
  • Maybe we will just see half of the Earth. – Nichole Larracas
  • Then sunglasses, shades and the like will only have one eye, too. – Crystline Angeles

What if there’s no paper?

  • It just means that there are no trees. – Lee-Anne Magtibay
  • Vandalism will be rampant. – Jan Dennis Ilagan
  • Gadgets will take place. – Marie Vienne Reyes

What if there’s no electronic gadget?

  • We have no ways of communicating with our friends and relatives abroad. – Leinell Cupiado
  • The world will be very different and hard to live. – Paul Lacerna
  • Maybe the pollution will not be as intense as today. – Arem Pedraza

What if there’s only one gender?

  • We will not see babies. – Karl Cupiado
  • I don’t know if forever will still exist. – Sabrina Regalario
  • We will all perish. –¬†Lhareine Gonzaga

Huh! These mind-boggling questions can be never-ending. But, at least, they can make you think and imagine also and can bring smile to your faces. By the way, I would like to thank this group of people for answering my what if questions.

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