Shame on those people who do not know what Wheel of Fortune is! You just miss a very entertaining show. Well, Wheel of Fortune is an American TV game show wherein contestants have to solve for word puzzles, just like Hangman. I hope you know Hangman. But this is with a twist which is the wheel of fortune itself or the roulette.

In every turn, players will spin the wheel of fortune to know the amount of cash they will get if they gave a correct consonant letter. By correct consonant letter, I mean the letter is present in the word puzzle you’re guessing. If the letter you guessed appears more than one, then the amount you got in the roulette will multiply. Contestants can also buy a vowel worth 250 dollars. This will be deducted from the cash you earned throughout the round. Aside from calling a consonant and buying a vowel, you also have a choice to solve the puzzle if it is already you’re turn. If you successfully solved the puzzle, you will get the cash you accumulated while the opponents will gain nothing during that round.

Sounds fun, right? Well, if you miss Wheel of Fortune, it is not yet late to enjoy the game because you can have it on your phones and play it on your own. Scopely developed a mobile game that is similar to the game show. Imagine! You don’t have to go to America and audition to experience this Emmy-winning TV game show. You will get a chance to spin the famous roulette, solve word puzzles written by the show’s producers and win cool collectible prizes in any place where there is a WiFi. How wonderful that is!

What amazed me the most in this app is its visuals. It feels like you’re really in the game show since it presents an authentic TV-style presentation. It has that famous green plus-shaped board with grids which can give you a thousand word puzzles from different categories. The roulette in the app is as colorful as the roulette used in the game show. And not just that! The Wheel of Fortune consists the challenging wedges, such as wild card, free play, bankrupt and lose a turn. Pat Sajak and Vanna White, or more likely a photo of them, are also present in the picture.

Wheel of Fortune is the app for you if you are deeply into word games or if you simply want to enhance your cognitive skills and at the same time, enjoy your free time.