Wittybunny has invaded the internet world! I’ve seen my friends, classmates and co-workers, from the most sophisticated ones to the most jeje person I know, tried their luck in this addicting app and shared the results on Facebook. Although we know that the result are far from being true and are just made for fun, we still play the game because because it really is entertaining and it gives us ideas to joke around with friends. I, myself, find Wittybunny a little bit corny at first. Now, I don’t know. I just found myself posting my own Wittybunny results and even compiled them to make a blog about my Wittybunny experience. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.


Bagay ka bang maging Darna?

Hey! I can be darna!


Paano mag-reply sa iyo ang tatay mo?

This is more like my mom, not my dad.


What is your starter pack?

Pugs, coffees, books, art – why so accurate?


Saan ka pinaglihi?

Actually, my mom craved for squid when she was pregnant with me. Don’t ask me how.


Anong picture and hindi mo mapost sa Facebook?

Hey, guys! I need your advice. Should I post this photo of mine or not?


How blessed are you?

I’m blessed and I can feel it.


What will be your 3 major blessings this year?

This composes the 140% plus my family, of course.


Anong ipopost mo sa Facebook sa 2022?

You have to watch this, folks!


Let’s analyze your face.

This left me speechless.


Facebook Puberty Challenge

I know. I didn’t change that much.


What has hurt you the most?

Oh. Insert sad emoji here. Insert determined emoji here.


4 Pics, One Word

But I’m a King!


Ano ang ipinagkait sa’yo?



Ano ang itsura ng medical certificate mo?

I hope my school will accept this.


Ano ang madalas na tawag sa’yo?



Which movie describes your life?

As I said earlier, the Wittybunny results are far from being true. But the Fifty Shades trilogy is actually beautiful.


What will you look in nine months?

Nine months from now, I’ll be busy with my studies because I’ll be graduating. That’s for sure.


Ano ang pangalan mo in Korean?

Sexy! It’s always in the my results!


Saan ka ikakasal?

My future husband and I are just being practical.


What’s you Bible verse for June?

I thank God and Wittybunny for reminding me this.