your place or mine

While I have no plans on watching the movie, Your Place or Mine, because I’m in our province, I just bought its books and read it at home. So I found out that the story is about a girl, named Haley, who just broke up with her boyfriend, Vince. Haley decided to drown her miseries in a bar, hoping to forget about her cheating boyfriend. But what happened is not what she expected. She found herself sneaking out of a stranger’s bed the next morning and spent the whole night with a guy she barely knew. She hoped to forget about what happened but fate brought them back together. And when they met, this stranger, Russel, don’t want to spend just single night with her, but a lifetime. You know what I mean. He had fallen in love with her during that night. And that’s it! I don’t want to spoil you on the unexpected events happened between them after that. Let me share my thoughts about it.

Before I read the book, I never knew that it’s an SPG. But readers will love it not because of the restricted scenes but because of the story itself. We can’t blame the author for including such scenes because it’s the story – the story about what may happen to couples having a one night stand. So, i understand that the story will not be complete without those. Its just that, the said scenes are very detailed. Maybe it is the author’s way to attract the readers for them not to get tired of reading it. But does she know that there is a possibility for the readers to be uncomfortable? I just hope that the publisher of the book should state that it is rated 16 or 18, so they’ll expect those unexpected scenes.

As I said, I get uncomfortable to it and hated the book at first. But eventually, I found it okay since everything improves as the story progresses. Without talking about the said scenes anymore, I found the story really good.  It makes me feel that I am in the story, too. To be honest, I am familiar with the ambiance and the flow of the story. However, the writer still managed to put great twists and revelations in it and how the characters blend with the original plot of the story.

You know, I feel a little jelly on Haley. She is so lucky to have two hunks at her side. But that’s not the reason why I’m jelly. She’s lucky because there are two boys who truly loved her and all she have to do is to choose. But that’s the problem, it’s hard to choose between them that one will be hurt. But if I were to choose, I want Vince more. It’s my first time to favor an antagonist in the story. I prefer Vince because he’s not really a cheater. He have his reasons why he did such things. And even he had done something wrong, I know that he’s loyal with Haley and she has his respect. Choosing between Vince and Russel is like choosing a person who taught you to love and to be loved and person who let you feel how to be liked and desired. Of course, I’ll choose the person who taught me to love and who let me feel loved, and it’s Vince.

Let me end this by talking about the book’s ending. It left me hanging of whys. I just hope that they’ll publish the third book. But overall, the book was absolutely amazing. It is a good book for light reading. I salute you, ms. author, for having Your Place or Mine.

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