You're my boss

I have to be honest. Before You’re My Boss came out in cinemas, I had no plans on watching the movie because of some reasons. One, I don’t have companion. Two, no one’s inviting me. Three, I’m saving my money. Four, the fact that Toni and Coco have other love in real life make them don’t match to each other. Five, in an interview, Toni said that they are the only character in the story. These gave me an assumption that the movie will be boring. And lastly, Coco is not into Comedy so I think, his best-actor skills won’t work on this. But miracle happened. For the first time in forever, my mother invited me to watch a rom com, which is this, so I can’t refuse to because it seemed that she needed to laugh her stress away.

While I’m watching the movie, I found myself laughing and feeling kilig to the story of Coton. Shocks! Can I take my words back? Okay. I was wrong on my first and second reason because my mother was there. My third reason was true! I’m really saving my money but the thing is, You’re My Boss didn’t waste my payment. I’m glad that I spent my money for such a great movie. Fourth, yes, Toni and Coco have their respective love teams outside the movie, but the movie was able to set that idea aside. Coton can be something! Next, it’s pretty good that the characters wasn’t the two of them only. The Japanese investors added entertainment to the movie, especially when they played Basketball. And lastly, even Coco is not into Comedy, he managed to be funny. His inarticulate-being in English was his advantage. His efforts on making himself fit into Comedy was funny, too. What I admire about him is his natural acting even he’s not used to it. However, thanks to Toni Gonzaga for keeping the humor of the movie high.

The plot of the story was excellent. I just noticed that its quite similar to That Thing Called Tadhana wherein the broken hearted girl met a guy who will help her heal the pain in her heart. They will go somewhere and there, they will be developed to each other. And when the girl fell in love to the guy, her ex-boyfriend will ask her again and tell that he’s repentant. But the girl will say no to this guy because she had already moved on and found a new guy. How I wish that could happen to me. Anyways, both plots were the same. The only difference is the character’s attitude. Georgina, played by Toni, was kinda bitchy and bossy while Pong, played by Coco was kind and polite. Comparing the two movies, my vote will go to You’re My Boss because it’s more than a comedy. It’s also a story of truth and honesty.

Coco Martin and Toni Gonzaga fits the roles of Georgina and Pong, who both acted as a boss and as an assistant. Their acting skills were really effective to the point that I can’t hear their words because of the people laughing. This proves that Coco and Toni are excellent actors. I salute the staff behind this film. Fresh from the success of That Thing Called Tadhana, Director Antoinette Jadaone, for sure, was again gaining success from You’re My Boss. Did you know that she is just new in directing? It’s not obvious, right? Kudos to You’re My Boss people!