The name is Ane Marie Dalere King. Yes, it’s Ane with single N. And yes, I have Marie in my name though I rarely use it that’s why you don’t know. And yes, my middle name sounds fingers in Tagalog. And lastly, yes, I’m a King though I’m a girl. I’m 20 years old. I grew up in the province of Oriental Mindoro but I’m now in Manila to pursue my college. I’m currently taking up Bachelor of Science in Applied Economics major in Industrial Economics. I’m Filipino and partly Chinese. But please don’t ask me to speak Chinese because I don’t know a single word from them. I’m a proud Christian and I do believe in God.

The opinions and information I post in this blog are based on my own knowledge, which is in the perspective of a simple lady who wants to eat, who styles herself for her OOTDs, who makes herself beautiful everyday, who reads books, who watches movies, who listens to music, who believes in God, who loves animals, who wanders, who keeps herself fit, who loves to play games, who entertains and who gives advices about life. I may not be a chef but I’m a foodie. I may not be a fashion and beauty expert but I’m a fashion and beauty enthusiast. I may not be a professional book and movie critic, but I’m a bookworm and moviegoer. I may not be a musician but I’m a music lover. I may not be a Theology lecturer but I’m a devotee. I may not be a vet but I’m a pet owner. I may not be a traveller but I’m an adventurer. I may not be an athlete but I’m a wannabe. I may not be a gamer but I’m an app user.

Being in between all these, allow me to express my thoughts in the world of food, fashion, beauty, books, TV and movie, music, religion, pets, travel, sports and fitness, science and technology, entertainment and lifestyle. Please do enjoy my blog.


Thank you for viewing the page. Enjoy!