The name is Ane Marie Dalere King. Yes, it’s Ane with single N. And yes, I have Marie in my name though I rarely use it that’s why you don’t know. And yes, my middle name sounds fingers in Tagalog. And lastly, yes, I’m a King though I’m a girl. I’m 20 years old. I grew up in the province of Oriental Mindoro but I’m now in Manila to pursue my college. I’m currently taking up Bachelor of Science in Applied Economics major in Industrial Economics. I’m Filipino and partly Chinese. But please don’t ask me to speak Chinese because I don’t know a single word from them.

For three years, I had been using my name, Ane King, as the identity of my site. But I realized that it’s time to have a new chapter for my blog. Therefore, I renamed it to Ane Ventures with a goal of showing you, guys, how I venture the world. Anyway, you can find my blog posts in my previous blog in the menu bar, Random Stuff. You will notice that it covers a lot of categories. Before I started blogging, people told me that I should focus on one or two fields only. But how? I’m no expert to a single thing and I love food, beauty, fashion, travel, entertainment, lifestyle, music, book, movies, spiritual, sports, pets and science and technology all at the same time. Yes! Basically, I blogged everything under the sun before!
After my first three years of blogging, I realized where I should focus now. My readers and viewers also say that I write best in these categories. Therefore, my new blog, Ane Ventures, will be a food and travel blog, wherein I’ll share all the recipes I know, review restaurants I’ve tried, feature cuisines around the world, present best food places and talk about my experience on places I’ve been to.

However, as I always say, the opinions and information I post in this blog are based on my own knowledge, which is in the perspective of an  ordinary lady who simply wants to eat and wander. I may not be a chef but I’m a foodie. I may not be a traveller but I’m an wanderer. Being in between, allow me to express my thoughts in the world of food and travel. Please do enjoy my blog.




Thank you for viewing the page. Enjoy!