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Writing In Baybayin

The Chinese language has its own characters. We are familiar with the Greek alphabet which is far different from the universal alphabet. Arabs also have their own language and script, as well as the Japanese, Korean, Hebrews, Latin and others. But did you ever wonder why we, Filipinos, do not have our own unique system

The Wedding Book Review

I have a few Nicholas Sparks books remaining to read and in his section in our library, I chose to read next the book with the most attractive cover. That is The Wedding. I simply like the shiny blue box behind the title and the photo of the swans at the background. The book looks

Best Of Ariana Grande

In my blog post, American Singers We Want, I already told you that Ariana Grande is my favorite singer not just in America but in the world. She’s so charming that I can spend a whole day watching her perform. But one reason why Ariana Grande is my favorite singer is simply because she has

A Year Being 19

This November 18, we have to celebrate! Not because it’s my birthday but because it is my third year in Instagram. Yay! There is no connection but every 18th of November, it is my practice to post my Instagram photos for the year on my blog because back then, I post photos in my Instagram account shared

Mannerisms Used Only By Filipinos

There are actions that we can claim as ours or as Filipino thing. Yes, I know, movements does not have any ownership but here, I’m referring to the actions and mannerisms that are commonly used by Filipinos. It’s like when a person does that certain movement, you’ll identify that person as a Filipino because it

Teen Beach Movie Review

Disney always has a fresh and admirable concept just like in Descendants. In Teen Beach Movie, couple Brady and Mack, due to a storm, magically become part of the another film, West Side Story, his and her grandfather’s favorite 1960s musical. Even though her heart doesn’t want to, it was Mack’s time to leave Brady

Smaller And Smaller Circles Book Review

I’m holding a mystery novel named Smaller and Smaller Circles and I’m proud to tell you that it is written by a Filipino novelist, F. H. Batacan. Yes! It’s actually the first crime novel in the Philippines. I’m so happy that this exists to prove that Philippine literature is still alive despite of all the

The Rescue Book Review

I’m so happy to somehow feel the extra perks of paying high tuition in DLSU. I can borrow books and novels from its library as much as I want! In fact, the previous books I’ve reviewed here in my blog are mostly taken from our university’s learning commons. And I’m delighted to have my latest

My Araby Experience

Once again, I’m going to post my journal entry for my Literature subject. This time, we are tasked to write a letter dedicated to ourselves that includes our Araby experience. Araby is a short story written by James Joyce. But it is more than just a story title or a place. Araby is a metaphor

Ang Pag-uusig Theatre Review

Oh! Did I just cover the poster of Ang Pag-uusig in my photo? I’m so sorry. I want to take a photo with their poster but I don’t know where to stand because of the big number of viewers that time. This just shows the success showing of the play. Yes! You heard that right.