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Pinto Art Museum: Your Door On Philippine Contemporary Art

Brown stone steps attached to white walls? That’s probably in Pinto Art Museum. These distinctive stairs is so famous to the point that almost every guest takes a photo of it or with it. This explains why, before visiting, the only thing I know about the museum was these stairs. I even asked myself why

Dusit Thani Manila: A Traditional Thai Grandeur

My mom promised a hotel staycation for my birthday but my November was loaded with school works, thesis and final exams and requirements. So we canceled our booking in Azure for my birthday and ended up booking another one in Dusit Thani for the end of the term. We got a more expensive hotel but

Honda Philippines Factory Tour

Last Friday was fun and informative because we had an educational tour in First Philippine Industrial Park in Santo Tomas, Batangas for our Complex Economics subject. My classmates and I were so amazed to see a number of leading factories in the world built together in one area. And one of them is Honda Philippines,

The Butterflies Of Puerto Princesa

When I was in middle school, I only got the chance to travel outside my province through national competitions like press conferences. And I am so fortunate to be one of the representatives of our school and of MIMAROPA for Broadcasting and Script writing competition during the National School’s Press Conference that took place in

Mystery Manila Solved!

Escape room games are my thing. I’m enjoying the venture of finding clues, solving mysteries and completing missions whenever I’m playing this kind of games online. That’s why when I heard of Mystery Manila, I was glad that finally, I can experience escape games in real life. I’m also happy that they were able to come

Upside Down Museum: Going For A New Perspective In Life

I bet you’ve seen photos that looks weird yet creative because the people in it are hanging upside-down and wondered how that happened. Well, that can only be possible with Upside Down Museum. As it name says, Upside Down Museum is an exhibit of art that gives you an illusion and let’s you pose upside-down in

Tree Top Adventure At Subic Bay

A a two-day staycation in Subic Grand Seas Resort won’t be enough without going outside the hotel and discover the beauty of the city. Subic Bay possesses numerous tourist spots that tourists shouldn’t miss when they get here. Therefore, we changed our original itinerary, which only includes Subic Grand Seas Resort, and added Tree Top Adventure on our second day

Subic Grand Seas Resort: The Grand Getaway

After a tiring year of school and work, I need a grand getaway from the city life this summer. I’m happy that I have a Belle de Jour planner that comes with a coupon that grants me to a grand discount for a grand vacation in Subic Grand Seas Resort, a beach resort located in Subic

Honey Beach Of Batangas

I never thought that there is a paradise hidden in the southern tip of Batangas. Speaking of beaches of Batangas, we only take Laiya, Calatagan, Nasugbu, Tingloy and the city proper, Batangas City, into account. But we haven’t heard that there is Lobo that lines up with these spots when it comes to attractions. Lobo

Bale-Balayan: Museum For The Poor

Recently, I made a blog post about my experience during the 21st Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta: A Weekend Of Everything That Flies. Of course, we won’t stay there whole day waiting for all the hot air balloons to fly, or or else, we wouldn’t make the most out of our Pampanga trip. So after