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Filipino Version Of International Products

McDonald’s and Jollibee are two of the leading fast food chains in the country. In fact, According to Inquirer, McDonald’s has never surpassed Jollibee as fast food market leader. And we heard that this only happened in the Philippines. But the competition between these two fast food chain is alive that even us still can’t

Spicy Noodle Challenge

Spicy noodle challenge is circulating online. People, from famous Youtubers down to my friends, already posted their videos sharing their reaction about this Korean ramen called Samyang Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen. And commonly, they say that it’s perhaps the spiciest thing on Earth, setting spices aside. Oh really? Well, let’s see if that’s true because

Food That Are Not For Dogs

Is your dog feeling sick or sluggish? Does he vomits or poops continuously? Then, perhaps, he ate something that is not for him. If you are a dog lover and you own one, then you should be aware of the food that are allowed or not allowed for your pet. We know dogs. They’ll eat

Fit-sustaining Shake

After sharing my Fit-sustaining Granola and my Flu-fighting Shake, the question is why don’t we meet these two halfway. As I’ve said on these blog posts, being healthy and fit at the same time is the real sexy! But since I’m one of those people who easily get tired of exercising, I’m relying my fitness lifestyle on choosing the

Fit-sustaining Granola

Being healthy and fit at the same time is the real sexy! Proper diet and enough exercise are partners in helping us achieve our desired figure. But the problem is I’m one of those people who easily get tired when exercising. But yeah, I also spend most of my leisure time in the gym. However,

Flu-fighting Shake

We are so addicted to shakes without knowing what its components can give us. All we do is when we feel hot, we cool with shakes. When we are tired, we refresh with shakes. When we crave, we satisfy ourselves with shakes. Now that my parents are experiencing a bit of life’s revenge, I became conscious on what

Beauty Uses Of Turmeric Powder

I remember having turmeric as a main component for my science investigatory project during high school and I believe that I have enough knowledge to experiment things with it. Back then, I transformed turmeric into a disinfectant. Now, you’ll hardly believe its transformation that I will share because turmeric, possessing beauty uses and unleashing a

Beauty Uses Of Tea Bags

Brewed tea coming from tea bags helps improve our inner health. It lowers the risk of cancer and heart diseases, boosts brain function, looses fats, releases toxins inside the body, prolongs life and more. But, don’t throw your tea bags yet after brewing and drinking because its benefits don’t end there. It is so amazing that

Paano Recipes With Hugot

In every post of famous Facebook pages, I am seeing procedures, recipes or steps that are irrelevant to the post in its comment box commented by netizens. I admit that I love reading comments from top to bottom. But then, whenever I see this kind of comment, after I read the first line like “Paano

Beauty Uses Of Baking Soda

NaHCO₃ – this is how chemists interpret baking soda in their major. But did you know that the thing behind this formula is seen as a baking and cooking component of most people? Yeah, that’s why it’s commonly called as baking soda. However, that’s not the only trivia I have. Baking soda is also known