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How To Make Coffee Jelly

Although it is once seen in British and American cuisine before, coffee jelly was developed and was popularized in Japan where it can be found in most of their restaurants and convenience stores. The beautiful recipe leaked outside the country making coffee jelly one of the world’s loved dessert. It is pretty famous here in the Philippines as we serve them

How To Make Spaghetti With Meatballs

Among the food in the feast for this year’s New Year’s Eve is mom’s Spaghetti with Meatballs. It’s one of her specialty when it comes to pasta, together with Mushroom Cream Penne Pasta and Tuna Pasta. They have distinct flavors which can only be made by my mother. And I’m lucky that I got my

How To Make Purple Yam Jam

It’s almost Christmas Eve. It’s the season to be chubby! Nope! It’s the season to prepare food for the family and those people who claim themselves as part of the family. Every Filipino dining table again carries a feast. Purple Yam Jam, together with leche flan or lechetin, spaghetti and fruit salad, will always be

How To Make Indian Bread Pudding

With its sophisticated and subtle use of spices, vegetables, fruits and grains, Indian cuisine is undeniably one of the world’s diverse food. And this includes their dessert section. That’s why my friends, who are half bakers, and I sometimes choose their style when it comes to cooking and baking our dishes. And now, I’m so

How To Make Peach Cobbler

Want your dessert even better? Try having peach cobbler! The sweetness of this fruit and the crispiness of the crust are perfect combination for the day. Cobblers are not that common in the Philippines so for my fellow’s information, this refers to a variety of dishes, particularly in UK and US, consisting of a fruit

How To Make Bacon And Cheese Sandwich Rolls

Mom was in charge of making the snacks and she has bacon, cheese slices and bread slices on her table. It seems something new and delicious. I wonder what she’s gonna do with them so I asked. She told me that it’s Bacon and Cheese Sandwich Roll, a new experiment she saw on Youtube. That

How To Make Multi-layered Jelly

Commonly, we see jelly, which we call in the Philippines as gelatin, only in one color. Sometimes, it’s green for pandan flavor, pink for strawberry, white for milk flavor and clear if it’s flavorless. But kids and kids at heart like me want more fun and more colors. Is that possible? Of course, it is!

How To Make Filipino Fried Peanuts

I bet you’re gonna ask why I made this blog post. It’s just fried peanuts. It’s simple to make. Everybody knows how to cook this without relying on a recipe like this. Yeah! I know all of that. But I created this post because I want to feature the Philippine Street Foods and I require myself

How To Make Chocolate Vanilla Marble Ice Cream

I need ice cream in my life because it’s freaking hot in this house and I need something cold yet creamy! But I would not risk my life to go out and buy a little amount of ice cream already costing gold because it’s hotter outside. I prefer making my own ice cream. After all,

How To Make Strawberry Float

Today, I’m going to make the simplest and easiest recipe in this blog ever. It only takes four steps of mixing that even a year-old kids can make it if guided by parents. I just don’t know if their parents will allow them to drink this because as far as I can remember, I hadn’t