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World’s Famous Cinnamon Rolls

Whenever I meet the strong and pleasant aroma of cinnamon in a mall, it indicates that Cinnabon is somewhere around me. It is a smell that is so inviting and so irresistable. It is a smell which makes sure that the pleasure won’t just reach my nose but also my palate and appetite because it

The Pantry Of Dusit Thani

My mom promised a hotel staycation for my birthday but my November was loaded with school works, thesis and final exams and requirements. So we canceled our booking in Azure for my birthday and ended up booking another one in Dusit Thani for the end of the term. We got a more expensive hotel but

Uncle Jov’s Filipino Home-style Cooking

During our last visit, the customer in the table beside ours told the manager that it was their second visit in the restaurant since their food was really good. In my mind, I told them that it was may fifth visit in Uncle Jov’s due to the same reason. Every time I go in my

Cantonese: The Authentic Chinese Dim Sum You Can Enjoy Anytime Anywhere

Cantonese Dimsum House is a Philippine-based snack bar that offers authentic Chinese dim sum products like siomai, shark’s fin, dumplings, and lumpiang shanghai. Branches of Cantonese are actually scattered in the metro but I discovered and eat these mouthwatering nibbles just in the food court neighboring my university called Agno Food Court or simply, Agno. I call Agno

Wingstop: Wing It All The Way

Everyone knows that I’m a hater of chicken. But Wingstop let me love one part of it – the wings! All thanks to Belle De Jour! Without their coupons, perhaps, I’ll just ignore this chicken restaurant. Without it, I won’t have a hangout spot whenever I go to Bonifacio Stopover or Glorietta with friends. Yes! I

Icebergs In A Bowl

Who would have thought that iceberg can be as delish as heaven? I think no one until I saw this ice cream restaurant that gives us the most beautiful iceberg on a bowl topped with ice cream and fruits. Are you thinking about halo halo? Yep! But I’m talking about the inverted one – the

Flavors Restaurant: A Buffet In Holiday Inn

As businessmen, my parents are frequently invited to different meetings, celebrations, conferences, product launch events and similar events that are held in luxurious hotels. And so I enjoy the perks of being their child by joining them. I have the chance of staying in five-star hotels and and most of all, experience eat-all-you-can buffet breakfast.

Potato Giant: More Than Fries

Potato Giant serves the best and most innovative homemade potato snacks in town! They offer bite size, ready to go munchies. Ever since I entered DLSU, there is no single class day that I haven’t seen a student carrying a pack, a bag, a cup or a box of Potato Giant. They are everywhere in

Mangan Restaurant: Traditional Meets Contemporary

Although we are faced with Filipino dishes every meal everyday in our home, we still find ourselves walking toward Filipino restaurants whenever we are in malls or any place outside house. Yes, I’ve already tried French cuisine in French Baker. I’ve already been to Thailand restaurants like Jatujak, Singaporean restaurants like Tao Yuan, Chinese restaurants

The French Baker: Your Freshness Baker

For me and my mom, it’s always a battle between French Baker and BreadTalk. And even in MOA, I can feel the tension because French Baker is located on the ground floor while BreadTalk is on the second floor right on top of French Baker. Without trying French Baker, my mom argues that BreadTalk is