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The Plantation: Good Food, Good Times

I’m familiar with the malls in Makati. I know the most visited hotels, big companies, known establishments, urban parks and high ways situated in the said city. But I admit that I lack knowledge on the hidden treasures of Makati until I started working in a company there. My co-workers introduced me to a number

Nobu Restaurant: A Japanese-Peruvian Fusion Buffet Breakfast

As distributors of smart phones in our province, my parents are frequently invited to conventions and product launch events that take place in luxurious hotels in the metro. And as a daughter of my parents, I’m always with them whenever these events happen. Just recently, again, we got a free hotel staycation in Nobu Hotel

Good Munch: So Munch Better

I always spend my lunch in Agno Food Court or simply, Agno. I call Agno as the mini food park of DLSU since it gives an ambiance of being in a park and at the same time, the best food kiosks are gathered in this place. It’s actually not part of DLSU compound but since

Angel’s Pizza: Answer To High Quality And Affordable Pizza

Whenever I invite my friends to order in Angel’s, they would mention burgers and hotdogs. But I’m actually talking about pizza. Yes! Angel’s is widely known as a burger stand. However, we should be aware that it can also be a pizza house. After all, Angel’s Pizza is just as great as Angel’s Burger despite

Agemono: International Buffet For Only P299!

Last Sunday, we spent our day in Malolos, Bulacan. After attending the mass in Barasoain Church, we looked for somewhere to eat. We’re not familiar with Malolos so we proceeded to the nearest Robinson’s Mall so we can see a sure restaurant. And I guess it was a good decision because we discovered Agemono, an

World’s Famous Cinnamon Rolls

Whenever I meet the strong and pleasant aroma of cinnamon in a mall, it indicates that Cinnabon is somewhere around me. It is a smell that is so inviting and so irresistable. It is a smell which makes sure that the pleasure won’t just reach my nose but also my palate and appetite because it

The Pantry: Farm To Fork Buffet At Dusit Thani Manila

My mom promised a hotel staycation for my birthday but my November was loaded with school works, thesis and final exams and requirements. So we canceled our booking in Azure for my birthday and ended up booking another one in Dusit Thani for the end of the term. We got a more expensive hotel but

Uncle Jov’s Filipino Home-style Cooking

During our last visit, the customer in the table beside ours told the manager that it was their second visit in the restaurant since their food was really good. In my mind, I told them that it was may fifth visit in Uncle Jov’s due to the same reason. Every time I go in my

Cantonese: The Authentic Chinese Dim Sum You Can Enjoy Anytime Anywhere

Cantonese Dimsum House is a Philippine-based snack bar that offers authentic Chinese dim sum products like siomai, shark’s fin, dumplings, and lumpiang shanghai. Branches of Cantonese are actually scattered in the metro but I discovered and eat these mouthwatering nibbles just in the food court neighboring my university called Agno Food Court or simply, Agno. I call Agno

Wingstop: Wing It All The Way

Everyone knows that I’m a hater of chicken. But Wingstop let me love one part of it – the wings! All thanks to Belle De Jour! Without their coupons, perhaps, I’ll just ignore this chicken restaurant. Without it, I won’t have a hangout spot whenever I go to Bonifacio Stopover or Glorietta with friends. Yes! I