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What Do Good Travellers Do

I’m currently on a trip again because we’re on a school break! And I think this time’s relevant to share some tips on travelling again. Most of us have experienced travelling or simply going out of town, right? But if you didn’t have a smooth journey or you encountered a lot of problems and errands

Famous Chains First Branches

Taking up a business course, I became inspired and interested to stories of successful businessmen including their ways of managing their business and how they started. Just like everyone else, I wonder where these famous retail chains first popped up. Let’s travel around the globe through Google Street View and see the first branches of

Life Hacks For Travellers

We have a field trip this weekend and now I’m my packing clothes and preparing for the three-day trip. While packing, I came to an idea of sharing my tips in saving and maximizing baggage space to my readers. I think this is timely since Christmas vacation is just around the corner and I know

The Streets Of Manila

Recently, I found a quiz in Fun Trivia that asks about the origin of the famous street names in Manila and gives information about who these persons are. Everyday, a lot of Filipinos, and even tourists, come across several landmark streets or roads in Manila yet I never wondered who they are and why those streets

Crazy Tips For Crazy Barkada Outing

The barkada memories won’t be complete without outings and outings and more outings. Of course, like my own friend groups, it’s the only time when we can have fun together, since we came from different places now. Speaking of my friends and I having an outing, last time, we had one in Royal Splash, Gloria,

The Most Beautiful City In Asia From 1950’s To Mid 1970’s

Okay. It started when my classmates and I were talking about Manny Pacquiao, then to Floyd Mayweather, then to Manny Pacquiao again, then to President Pnoy, then to President Corazon Aquino, then to President Marcos, then to other presidents before him and then lastly, to how rich and beautiful Manila was during 1950’s to the

Oriental Mindoro Capitol Christmas Special: Cartoon Characters

Christmas Vacation is an excellent time for strolling and going to different places with family and friends because of the cold season. I believe that Oriental Mindoro has the tourist spots that you may want to visit. I know every province have that, but I think they don’t have capitol that also serve as a

Riding Side By Side

Just had a ride with this car. I mean, motor. No, it’s a car. Joke, motor talaga. Okay, combination of car and motor. Err? I don’t know. Basta, just had a ride with this vehicle. Well, seriously, this is called side-by-side vehicle, also known as, UTV (Utility Task Vehicle). It is a small four-wheel vehicle