Agemono: International Buffet For Only P299!

Last Sunday, we spent our day in Malolos, Bulacan. After attending the mass in Barasoain Church, we looked for somewhere to eat. We’re not familiar with Malolos so we proceeded to the nearest Robinson’s Mall so we can see a sure restaurant. And I guess it was a good decision because we discovered Agemono, an eat-all-you-can international buffet for only 299 pesos! Yes! You read that right. 299 pesos! We were also shocked to see how affordable this buffet is. As business-minded persons, my companions and I were talking and wondering about the gains and losses of this restaurant. But as hungry persons, we make sure that this restaurant will have a loss from us because we’re going to eat a one-week meal just for this day. Men, it was totally worth it!

Based on what I’ve researched, Agemono is a category of deep-fried dishes in Japanese cuisine. The restaurant is also an international buffet having one branch in the Phillippines and most of its branch outside the country. But from what we see in the buffet table, most of the dishes were Filipino food. When we had the opportunity to talk to its manager, she said that Agemono is owned by a foreigner and that the menu adapts to the culture of its location.

The selection for the dishes is very limited. I think there are only ten viands offered, which are all in Filipino cuisine. But I won’t argue anymore because again, this meal is as affordable as 299 pesos. In other restaurants, 299 pesos will only give me one to two meals, right? After all, they are consistently delicious despite of the big number of customers. It feels like home to have those Lumpiang Shanghai, Ginataang Bilo Bilo, Pancit and other Filipino dishes again and I like it.

I think I got up seven times to refill my plate. That’s how satisfying it is! For my first plate, I picked Ginataang Pusit, Fish Fillet, Kare Kare, Lumpiang Shanghai and rice. I thought that Kare Kare would be my favorite in Agemono since I’m a Kare Kare lover but it turned out that I loved their Fish Fillet more. The Kare Kare got the flavors that I want but it lacks some ingredients. On the other hand, the fish fillet is sweet and crunchy. I always have it on my next rounds.

As I said, Agemono is a Japanese thing but the only Japanese food I saw in the buffet is sushi. They have different kinds of it though like Kappamaki, Kani Nigiri, California Maki, Futomaki and Ebi Nigiri. But despite of the varieties, the sushis almost taste the same. I tried them all and all of them are sour like as if mayonnaise is its only ingredient. I just hope that they have other Japanese food on the buffet table. I wish to see ramen, dumplings, udon and takoyaki next time.

An eat-all-you-can buffet won’t be complete without dessert because that’s how we should end the experience. However, if you’re in Agemono, there’s no other way but to end it with a DIY halo-halo. Sadly, that’s the only dessert they serve. Ingredients include tapioca pearls, sweetened banana slices, sweetened cassava slices, red jellies, beans and monggo beans. They’re complete with the essentials from the ice to the milk.

Drinks are not included in the eat-all-you-can buffet but you can have an unlimited drink by adding 45 pesos. It’s not bad especially when you have three choices of beverages, which are black gulaman, detox water and iced tea. I had an iced tea but I don’t know why it tasted like black gulaman to me. I like it though. The detox water is refreshing. On the other hand, the black gulaman was the best. The black gulaman is separated from the juice so we are in control of the amount.

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