Angel’s Pizza: Answer To High Quality And Affordable Pizza

Whenever I invite my friends to order in Angel’s, they would mention burgers and hotdogs. But I’m actually talking about pizza. Yes! Angel’s is widely known as a burger stand. However, we should be aware that it can also be a pizza house. After all, Angel’s Pizza is just as great as Angel’s Burger despite of being in different food concepts.

Anyway, Angel’s Pizza is introduced to me by my brother who always bring their pizza home. Well, I can see why Angel’s is his favorite because aside from their yummy pizzas and unique flavors, their products are affordable especially when you avail and use Angel’s APC Card as it grants you their buy-one-take-one promo on their pizzas. Apart from pizza, the restaurant also offers pasta, Calzone, dips, side dishes and combo meals so you’ll never run out of choices.


Pizza Overload

As the name says, Pizza Overload is indeed overloaded. The pie is full of everything you wish for as it is filled with cheese, pepperoni, ham, chorizo, bacon, beef, sausage, mushrooms, green pepper, onion, pineapple, tomato and black olive. The freshness of the ingredients is absolutely felt. We were so excited to have our own slices that’s why we only remembered to take a photo of the pizza when it is already half-done.


Tuna Pesto

The same goes with Tuna Pesto. As you can see, it was already half-finished when captured. Anyway, Angel’s Pizza also takes fun twists and tweaks to their pies as they transformed tuna pesto into a pizza. And amazingly, it turned out brilliant. Although I couldn’t grasp a taste of the pesto, it was rich with tuna flavor. Their pies reminds me of pizza served in Figaro. Then I found out that both restaurants are owned by the same group, The Figaro Group.


Cheesy Burger

Cheesy Burger is one of my favorite pizzas of Angel’s. When I had my first bite on it, I was surprised because with only beef, cheese and bacon, Angel’s Cheesy Burger Pizza was able to reach the flavors of a burger. Pizza is fine. Burger is good. But if you combine these two snacks into one meal, that’s a smack of heaven! Although it somehow imitated Domino’s American Bacon Cheeseburger, I must say that it successfully followed its taste and style.


Angel’s Aloha

Ordering our first Angel’s Aloha, Angel’s Pizza’s version of Hawaiian pizza, was an enjoyable experience. We had a great deal of toppings even though it has only mozzarella cheese, pineapple and ham. The pizza itself is hot and and the hand-tossed crust is thick yet soft. This made us order another Angel’s Aloha last night. But we didn’t expect that our experience won’t be the same as the last time for the pizza we got isn’t hot and crispy. And we can taste more of the bread than the meat and pineapple. It was the worst.


Cheesy Melt Double Decker

I admire Angel’s Pizza’s idea of creating and adding double decker pizzas to their menu. If you look at this Cheesy Melt Double Decker, it appears to be plain having only cheese as toppings. But if you take a bite, you will see its meaty secret inside. I don’t exactly know what’s below the spread cheese. All I know is that it’s scrumptious enough for me to finish four big slices consecutively. I’ll surely come back for other flavors of their double decker pizza.


Potato Tots

They do not have fries in their menu. Instead, they have potato wedges and potato tots, which is much cheaper. My curiosity and interest to potato tots lead me into buying it. I found out that it contains bits of something like hash browns molded into balls. Surprisingly, they gave generous amount of it. It’s tasty but I think it’s more delectable if it was still warm. They serve it with Tangy Tomato Dip but I think it’s already good even without the sauce.


Angel’s Wings

I like that they have different flavors of wings namely Buffalo Wild Wings, Honey Glazed, Parmesan Chicken and Smokey BBQ. For the Honey Glazed, it seems like it doesn’t have the glaze physically. But once you eat, you will really sense the flavor through the meat. For the Buffalo Wild Wings, it’s not so spicy yet it still finger-licking. However, most of the wings does not have crisp skin like as if they’re not fried or baked but boiled.


Classic Spaghetti

The Classic Spaghetti is delicious as it resembles a Filipino-style spaghetti wherein there is sweetness in the tomato sauce. However, I noticed that it has a lot more sauce than pasta. But it doesn’t matter to me as long as it also has a fair amount of grated cheese on top. That’s what I like about Filipino spaghetti. It comes with garlic bread sticks that is crispy as expected. I just wonder why the sauce is colored orange.

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