At First Sight Book Review

at first sight book review

Just now that I’m only a year away from my graduation, I realized that for six terms already, I’ve been paying for the library fees of our university without gaining benefits from it because I’m lazy enough to borrow and read reference books. It’s a relief to find out that our learning center has tons of novel that we can bring home for a few nights. That’s when I thought that I should be using the biggest library in the Philippines from now on so the fees I’m paying for it won’t be a waste. In our nine-storey library, I looked for my first victim and finally decided to take Nicholas Sparks since I was truly inspired to his The Notebook and A Walk To Remember. I believe that I will have a good read if I choose his novels. So yeah, I begun with his collection starting with the letter A, which is At First Sight.

At First Sight narrates the love story of Jeremy and Lexie, specifically on the stage when they are getting married and having their first child. This situation is common in our lives. In fact, we label this period as the most memorable moment of our life. But it’s so sad to think that this unforgettable event is rarely given focus on books or even movies. And that’s what makes At First Sight interesting.

I admit that the first few chapters are half engaging and half boring since it just states the usual things happening on a marrying couple. However, that was until Jeremy received suspicious emails saying “How do you know the baby is yours?” And to add on that, Lexie has been lying to him! As I read this part, I planned to finish this one chapter so I can sleep. But the chapter ended with that email. How can I sleep? I was so intrigued. The intensity was rising when I, I mean Jeremy, read Doris’ journal and discovered Lexie’s miscarriage before. Men, this book is full of revelations! It won’t stop and I can’t sleep that day! Thankfully and finally, after reading a few more chapters, Jeremy and Lexie already solved the said problem. I thought that the main body of the story ends there and that the rest of the book will just show their wedding, the birth of their daughter and their happily-ever-after. But a hundred-paged section won’t only include this events, right? I assumed that there was another conflict coming up. And I was right.

After their flourishing marriage, Jeremy and Lexie found out that their baby was prawn to a disease called Amniotic Band Syndrome. I was as nervous as them whenever they check for the condition of their baby through ultrasound every two weeks. Fortunately, it seemed that the baby was going to be alright since the terrifying amniotic band didn’t attach to the baby until its last day of living in a womb. I was so happy that Lexie successfully delivered her daughter, Claire. But the happiness we felt was as quick as a lightning because the ending was another twist. I thought everything’s going to be fine. I thought she was healthy and strong. I thought that there will be a happily-ever-after between Jeremy and Lexie. But I was wrong. Lexie died immediately after giving birth. I couldn’t accept it though I’m just a reader.

Reading through the novel, I was searching for the reason why this book is entitled At First Sight because I really can’t find it. Maybe you’re having the same thoughts, too. Well, the first sight the book pertains was at the ending. I know how hard it is for him to accept the incident and to see his daughter, Claire, whom he thought was the reason why Lexie died. But he had to do it, not just for Claire, but also for Lexie. And when he finally saw Claire, it was love at first sight.

This story is so beautiful. That’s all I can say. I’m looking forward into reading more of Nicholas Sparks creations.

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