Beauty Uses Of Turmeric Powder

beauty uses of turmeric powder

I remember having turmeric as a main component for my science investigatory project during high school and I believe that I have enough knowledge to experiment things with it. Back then, I transformed turmeric into a disinfectant. Now, you’ll hardly believe its transformation that I will share because turmeric, possessing beauty uses and unleashing a pungent odor at the same time, seems so impossible. Despite of its unwanted characteristics, you definitely have to give it a try and let it touch not just the inner part of your body but also, your external health. And I bet, you’ll love it after all. Let’s have a view on the beauty uses of turmeric powder first.


Shade Enhancer


foundation 2

Sometimes, we, girls, especially those who have golden, yellow and peach undertones are having problems on matching our foundation, which are too pinkish, to our skin. I’m glad that turmeric was discovered and the idea of this shade adjuster was invented. Simply add turmeric powder to your liquid foundation until your desired shade is reached. The texture is surprisingly not changing.


Face Mask

face mask 2

face mask

It’s time to throw those chemically-made face products that are expensive and useless. It’s time to stop going to beauty salon that are only effective for a short period. And lastly, it is time to welcome naturally-made products to your beautiful world, including this turmeric face mask. I ensure you that this will turn oily, dry, acned, wrinkled and aging face into naturally colored and glowing ones.


Tooth Paste

tooth paste

tooth paste 2

Dip your wet tooth brush onto a quarter teaspoon of turmeric powder, brush your teeth as normal, let it sit on your teeth for a minute, gargle and see how it does it’s magic. Well, this is only for those who can handle the taste of turmeric. For those who can’t, I’m not gonna force. However, I promise that the smell of your breath will not be the same as what you think.


Scar Remover

scar remover

scar remover 2

As turmeric face mask cleans face, turmeric scar remover cleans body skin. All you have to do is to combine a pinch of turmeric powder and honey or yogurt with a ratio of 1:2. Gently apply the mixture on scars and remove it after 10 minutes. Before, I have scars marked on my right forearm but after a few days of applying this turmeric mixture, I felt a significant difference.


Hair Dye

hair dye

hair dye 2

Brunettes are seen as seductive. Blondes can easily catch our attention. Our hair colors strongly speaks of what we look like and hair dying reflects on what we want to look like. The mixture of turmeric powder and white conditioner can make us either seductively beautiful or eye-catchingly beautiful depending on the amount of turmeric or the color of our present hair.

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