Best Of Oishi

best of oishi

Let’s take a break on giving heavy meals from different restaurants because it’s snack time! We all know that our snack life won’t be complete without junk foods, especially when we were younger. It can be remembered that we eat these snacks secretly so that our parents won’t know. But I just want to inform you that junk foods are not bad. If it’s too much, then that’s bad. You have to control yourself and I believe that Oishi will help you. Oh, in what way? With the desired quality ingredients, Oishi offers convenience foods that will satisfy your appetite, even in just small amount of delights.

Oishi is a snack company based in our country, the Philippines. They offer products including beverages, cereals, chicharons, cookies, biscuits, wafers, corn snacks, cuckoo bags, milk, peanut butter, pop corn, peanut, potato snacks, savory snacks, seafood snacks, sweet snacks and vegetable snacks. Aiming to be a leading food company in the markets, Oishi started distributing some of their products to China and Japan, receiving awards and praises.

But today, I will also be giving praises to Oishi as I enumerate my top ten favorite snacks among their 52 and growing products.


Baconette-Strips 10. Baconette Strips

Baconette Strips

Don’t worry about too much calories from bacon because a great bacon-flavored alternative is here.


Stick-a-Ling-Salt-and-Vinegar 9. Stick A Ling

Stick A Ling

This savory snack will remind you of the Filipino’s string bean snack, Shing-a-ling.


Martys-Inasal 8. Marty’s Cracklin’

Marty's Cracklin'

See! It’s healthy.  It’s mainly dedicated for vegetarians. Can you imagine that?


Oishi-Prawn-Crackers 7. Oishi


Honestly, I find the original Oishi boring. But the spicy flavor and the sweet and extra spicy flavor tastes the other way around.


Potato-Fries-Tomato-Ketchup1 6. Potato Fries

Potato Fries

Express your love for fries with this Oishi version of Potato Fries.


Crispy-Patata 5. Crispy Patata

Crispy Patata

May I repeat, Crispy Patata, not Crispy Pata.


Ribbed-Cracklings 4. Cracklings


Totally spicy plus totally totally vinegary plus enough salt equals perfect way to crackle.


Potato-Chips-plain-salted 3. Potato Chips

Potato Chips

I love potatoes, that’s why.


2. Ridges



Loving potatoes more with a few twist. I mean, edges.


1. Pillows



After all the salt, sour and spicy, here’s the sweet Oishi. How I love the creamy chocolate inside the pillows.

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