Christmas Of ABS-CBN Through The Years

Christmas of ABS-CBN Through The Years

The spirit of Christmas is now filling the air. I can hear it in my ears – the heartfelt and melancholic Christmas carols. Christmas is not christmas without these sounds. It signals us that Christ is coming when we once hear them. What a lovely feeling for us! And I believe that ABS-CBN produces and gives us the best Christmas music each year. Wherever I go, the Christmas Station ID of ABS-CBN were dominant in their respective years. Since 2009, I’ve been looking forward to their Christmas Station ID, and I do think that I’m not the only one who looks forward into it. ABS-CBN music production never failed us, right? Maybe you wanna hear them.


Bro, Ikaw ang Star ng Pasko

“Ang nagsindi nitong ilaw
Walang iba kundi ikaw
Salamat sa liwanag mo
Muling magkakakulay ang pasko
Salamat sa liwanag mo
Muling magkakakulay ang pasko”

This song is features the voices of PDA little dreamers, KC Concepcion, Piolo Pascual, Jed Madela, Rachel Ann Go, Yeng Contantino, ASAP Sessionistas, Erik Santos, Mark Bautista, Billie Crawford and Sarah Geronimo. This was made when Santino is on going that is why it is famous back then to call Jesus bro. And yes, Jesus, our bro, is really the star not only in Christmas that time, but every Christmas.


Ngayong Pasko Magniningning ang Pilipino

“Ngayong Pasko, magniningning ang Pilipino
Saan man sa mundo, tanaw nila ang liwanag mo
(Bi)tuin ka ng pagmamahal, pinagpala ng Maykapal
Ngayong Pasko, magniningning ang Pilipino”

This song is recorded by Toni G. and Gary V. with the UST Singers. When the previous year’s Christmas ID, Ikaw Bro ang Star ng Pasko, became a hit last 2009, they made a song that has the same genre entitled Ngayong Pasko Nagniningning ang Pilipino and reached success just like the previous one. With the Filipino traditions as stated in Pasko Sa Pinas, Filipinos truly shine every Christmas.


Da Best ang Pasko ng Pilipino

“Ito ang Pasko,
Pagmamahalan ang pinagsasaluhan
Ito ang Pasko
Inaangat ang isa’t-isa
Ito ang Pasko
Panginoon ang laging kasama
Ito ang Pasko
Saan man sa mundo
Da best ang pasko ng Pilipino”

Da Best ang Pasko ng Pilipino is sang by the Filipino-Canadian singer, Maria Aragon, who, by that time, gained fame after a YouTube video of her performing Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” went viral. The song’s theme is like the previous year’s, which is how Filipinos relate to Christmas by giving love and care to our fellow Filipinos, whom they believe was the precious gift one can give and that it was the best feeling.


Lumiliwanag ang Mundo sa Kwento ng Pasko

“Dumarami, ang mga tala tuwing kapaskuhan
Dalhin natin, ang pagpapala sa bawat tahanan
Ilang ulit man ang dilim sa buhay natin dumating
Di papanaw, di mauubos, ang mga bituin”

2012 got the Christmas Station ID with the most singers, which is performed by various artists from ABS-CBN. Also, 2012 got the Christmas Station ID that captures the true meaning of Christmas – the hope, love and joy which lights the world.  Its video features hundreds of Kapamilya stars paying tribute to ordinary Filipino people, at the same time, helping spread the light across the globe.


Magkasama Tayo sa Kwento ng Pasko

Sa iisang awit ngayong Pasko
Magkayakap ang tinig ko’t sa’yo
Sa ‘ting himig nadarama na ang mahalaga
Ay magkasama tayo sa Kuwento ng Pasko.

My favorite Christmas Station ID is performed by the The Voice stars, the finalists and their judges. Its theme shows how Filipino have “kapit bisig” despite calamities that ravage our country, especially Typhoon Yolanda, which struck the Philippines by that time. While on the other hand, the song is dedicated to all the Overseas Filipino Workers. Through this song, Kapailyas give them love that will cross all the nations of the world.


Thank You, Thank You, Ang Babait Ninyo

“Kaya ngayong Pasko,
Ang blessings ko’y kayo
Thank you, Thank you
Ang babait ninyo.”

This year’s Christmas Station ID is performed by the The Voice Kids finalists, Lyca, Darren, Juan Karlos and Darlene. This just proves that the kids of this generation can also level up with the stars of the past generations. That is why we thank God for so much talents that He gave to Filipinos. Kapamilyas is once again paying homage to the goodness of Filipinos by singing Thank you, Thank you, Ang Babait Ninyo.

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