Congolicious Dishes In Congo Grille

Congolicious Dishes In Congo Grille

For most of us, end of the week means going out on a date and date means having a food trip. Well, I have no date but I have my mother. For this weekend, we had Congo Grille last Friday and Congo Grille, again, last Saturday. Its congolicious foods lead us to two rounds of dining here.

With its jungle-themed interiors, Congo Grille offers a wide selection of wholesome Filipino dishes and satisfying treats. Congo Grille’s passion for food brings out the innovative and exciting side of Filipino cuisine. It’s a Filipino grille restaurant that’s hard to miss!

By the way, today is the time to share with you the congolicious dishes we had during our two night dinner in the said restaurant. We chose different orders during those nights so that we can try more of Congo Grille. I hope you are excited as I was when we were waiting for the dishes to be served.



Chicharong Bulaklak

chicharong bulaklak

Congo Grille welcomed us to their jungle with this crispy appetizer. This is an all-time favorite pulutan that every group should have at their table. This chicharon comes with a vinegar that lingers in our throat. The deep-fried ruffled fat are crunchy and tasty. Feeling its relish is the best thing to do while waiting for your other orders.


Crispy Tenga

crispy tenga

On our second night, Congo Grille welcomed us back to their jungle with Crispy Tenga. This newest Congo Grille’s appetizer contains sliced pork ears marinated and deep fried until crisp. Completing the sensation of flavor is the spicy vinegar. It’s really really delicious that until now, I want to munch it while looking at its photo.


Congo Rice

Congo Rice
© Congo Grille

We didn’t had this Congo Rice because the waiter said it will make our teeth black. But I still featured it here because this rice makes the grille extraordinary. I’ve heard that its flavor is the ink of a squid and on top of the rice are Calamares Rings. Aside from the challenge that it blackens our teeth, this rice looks yummy. Anyway, I got this photo from Congo Grille facebook page. Thanks!


Bagoong Rice

bagoong rice

Since Congo Rice is not my mother’s and also the waiter’s choice, we find it hard choosing what rice to alter because Congo Grille has the widest variety of rice I’ve ever seen. We requested for Bagoong Rice, instead, which is our favorite. My comment? It’s perfect! It has the taste that we are looking for a right Bagoong Rice.


Grilled Pusit

grilled pusit

Grilled Pusit is one of the bestsellers not just in the Fresh from the Deep menu, but in their whole menu. I noticed that in every Filipino restaurant, Grilled Pusit are chosen mostly by customers. But Congo Grille’s Grilled Pusit is a way better than others because of the savory sauce drizzled over the fresh Pusit.


Halaan Soup

halaan soup

Congo Grille has good Filipino foods, especially the soup. For a cold and rainy night, hot soup for dinner is a must. We asked for the waiter’s suggestion and it’s pretty good that he knows what’s the best in their hot bowls section. I love the soothing effect of clam soup and it makes me feel comfortable.


Chop Suey


I’m not a vegetable eater so don’t ask me. Ask my mother because she was the one who devoured it. Okay, I asked her how was it and she told me that the greens were natural, the shrimps were tasty but she was looking for meat. However, its overall taste is fantastic and I guess she was honest with that because the plate for Chop Suey was clear when we left.


Cebu Lechon Liempo

cebu lechon liempo

It’s great that they had this new dish and greater that we tried it. Their very own Cebu Lechon Liempo is stuffed with lemongrass so I think, it add points for the leafy treat lovers out there. Well, I’m not one of them, but still I enjoyed eating the savory lechon because of the sauce included which I love – sarsa and spicy vinegar.

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