Crazy Tips For Crazy Barkada Outing

Crazy Tips For Crazy Barkada Outing

The barkada memories won’t be complete without outings and outings and more outings. Of course, like my own friend groups, it’s the only time when we can have fun together, since we came from different places now. Speaking of my friends and I having an outing, last time, we had one in Royal Splash, Gloria, Oriental Mindoro and I found out that they want to be models in my blog, so I thought of a topic and aha! Tips in barkada outings came into my mind. But please bear in your mind that these are not just simple tips like checking the place before going, wearing the proper clothes, heading out early, checking the swimming pool’s height and the like. You already know that! These are crazy tips – crazy as my friends.


1. Before going to your outing place, make sure that your memory card has enough space and your camera battery is full because, aside from the fact that you’ll use it to capture your memories, the face of your next-top-model friend will invade your memory card. Look at this. Take note! That’s all from my camera.

tip 5
© Gerricking Escarez


2. Always remember that cameras are everywhere. Wherever you go, whatever you do, anytime, anyhow, your face should always be ready because you don’t want your friends to capture your hilarious stolen shots or else, you’ll be the face of the day like him!

tip 3
© Gerricking Escarez


3. Don’t schedule your outing during the time of your menstruation so that you won’t be uncomfortable in the pool. You don’t want to be the photographer of your outing and miss the happy moments of your friends, right? By the way, let me give credits to the one who took this photo.

tip 4
© Jia Mandac


4. Once you get into the place near the pool or water, you and your attire should be ready. You’ll never know when you will get wet. Perhaps, your crazy friends will splash water towards you or playfully pull you into the water or something like what we did into this guy below.

tip 2
© Troyjan Valenzuela


5. Don’t bring your relationship partner in barkada outing. If the two of you broke up, you won’t be able to bring him or her in your next outing. That will be noticed easily when your friends compared the photos of the then and now outings.

tip 1
© Troyjan Valenzuela



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