Everyday I Love You Movie Review

After completing a stint on a very popular TV show entitled Forevermore, wherein the tandem rose into fame, and a Filipino teen romantic comedy-drama film, Just the Way you are, which is based on the best-selling Pop Fiction book, The Bet, here they are again for another Filipino romantic-drama film – the Lizquen! But this time, I’m glad that they are not presenting an overly familiar story.

Everyday I Love You narrates a story of an unusual love triangle wherein Ethan, the male lead played by Enrique Gil, was competing with a helpless guy and he couldn’t get Audrey, the female lead played by Liza Soberano. In the end, when Tristan, Gerald Anderson’s character, recovered, that was the time when Audrey left him. Actually, while I was watching, I realized that this is the kind of movie wherein by the middle of the story, without having an idea about Lizquen tandem, you would never know who among the two couples, either Audrey-Ethan or Audrey-Tristan, would end up together. It is because in its story, the audience could see that Audrey was really confused on who among the two would she choose. Is it the man of her dreams or the man who makes her dreams come true? So, the ending, I believe, was unpredictable. With this, I could say that by the story line itself, it caused me to hold my breath and drum my fingers already! Everyday I Love You, not being a teenage movie because the actors were mature enough to make this kind of roles, made it more beautiful.

Aside from the plot, I absolutely admire the characters’ acting performance especially Liza and Enrique. In fact, they barely act! You could see it in their eyes that the love they showed to each other was purely natural which made me wonder if they also show the same love to each other in real life. There’s no doubt why they are one of the hottest love team in this generation. But I suggest that as actors, Audrey and her family should also learn the accent of the people of Bacolod because they play the role of Negrenses. The extras got the accents but those who were known actors didn’t.

Anyways, that was just a small part of the movie. What’s important is that it didn’t give a negative effect on the beauty of the movie especially on my favorite scene, which is when Audrey traveled all the way to Manila to meet Ethan. I honestly don’t know what to feel at that time. Should I feel excited because they will meet again? Should I be in panic because there’s a lot of hindrances occurred at that moment? Should I laugh because I find Audrey cute when she’s wanting Ethan badly? Should I be angry to the annoying people in Audrey’s surroundings? It was a mixture of emotions. I don’t know! All I know is that I started shouting because of “kilig” when Ethan forgot his cellphone. The audience roared even louder until the end of the show. I was surprised that even my mom, who feels corny when watching young love stories like this, was attracted to this scene. This only means that the movie was effective. Nice work, Everyday-I-Love-You people!

But before I end this article, there’s a question that left me curious. I was just wondering why the auditionees and auditioners didn’t know Audrey wherein in fact, they are applying and looking for her role, which is the Silay Scooter Girl. Well, that’s it! I hope I just misunderstood things or will be able to find the answer. Thank you!

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