Songs In My Heart

Songs in my heart

If there is Songs In My Head, then, there is also Songs In My Heart, which is the title of my first album.

In our Personal Effectiveness class, we had an activity which is to make a list of songs that will be put in our own album. Yay! I now have my first album! But I’m not the singer. I think that’s better. Btw, the instruction of this activity is to create a collection of songs that describes you and significant to you. It shouldn’t be your favorite song. Also, make a cover for your album. The cover that I made is shown above. Sorry I’m not that creative. Well, the songs below are the songs included in my album.


1. Breakaway

“I’ll take a risk. Take a chance. Make a change. And breakaway.” Just like the story of the song, there is some point in time that I feel like my life was meaningless. But when I decided to change everything and make a new start, I backed out because of the fear of losing all that I already have.


2. Beautiful

“I am beautiful no matter what they say.” The lyrics says it all. Kidding! But this just explains that  whatever people say about me, negative or positive, I just focus on the positives which is the beautiful side of me.


3. Live Jesus In Our Hearts

“Let Jesus live in our hearts.” The reason why I am a positive person is because I have Jesus in my heart. Aside from being a Lasallian, I must say that I really feel him in every actions that I do.


4. Someone’s Watching Over Me

“When I’m standing in the dark, I still believe that someone’s watching over me.” As the song says, I don’t give up easily on the challenges that I face because I know that I have the Lord guiding and watching over me.


5. Gusto Ko Lamang Sa Buhay

“Gusto ko lamang sa buhay ay yakapin mo ako.” I have other interpretation of this song. The singer wants a hug from his someone special. I also want a hug, but from God. Every time I have problems, my first wish to God is to hug as a comfort.


6. It’s My Life

“It’s my life. And it’s now or never.” YOLO! I don’t procrastinate on the things that don’t matter because we only have one life.


7. The Lazy Song

“Today I don’t feel like doing anything.” This is so me! Since I’m doing this homework over the weekend and weekend breaks my magnitude of being studious, I am so lazy today.


8. Stronger

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”  I realized that when something hurts me physically, it gives me the foundation to grow emotionally that let me grow stronger.


9. Skyscraper

“Go on and try to tear me down. I will be rising from the ground.” Even there are obstacles that blocks me , I build strong foundations for me to build my own skyscrapers.


10. Since You’ve Been Gone

“Now I get what I want, since you’ve been gone.” My love story can relate.


11. Who Will I Be

“If I can become anyone and know the choice is up to me.” I always ask myself who will I be. Well it’s really up to me. But I believe that there’s nothing that I can’t do for all the never ending possibilities that I can seen.


12. I Am But A Small Voice

“I am but a small voice. I am but a small dream.” When I was younger, my dreams were just simple as this. How I wish to come back in that time.


13. Reflection

“When will my reflection show who I am inside.” Do you know what’s inside me? Secret! It’s just that my smile hides those pains inside me that I don’t really know how to show.


14. I Am The Best

“Naega jeil jal naga.” Honestly, I don’t know what this songs mean. All I understand is its title, I am the best. And yes, I am the best for me.


15. Fly To Your Heart

“Fly to who you are.” Again, a song for my dreams. This is song encourage us not to give on the dreams that our hearts really want.

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