Fit-sustaining Granola

fit-sustaining granola

Being healthy and fit at the same time is the real sexy! Proper diet and enough exercise are partners in helping us achieve our desired figure. But the problem is I’m one of those people who easily get tired when exercising. But yeah, I also spend most of my leisure time in the gym. However, I’m still relying my fitness lifestyle on choosing the right amount of quality foods. Actually, I’m currently in deep search of fit-sustaining foods which leads me into making fit-sustaining granola. It’s easy to prepare, delicious and nutritious so why not? I’m not selfish to share this to you that’s why you are here! The ingredients are listed below. All you have to do is to toss those in your favorite bowl or plate, mix, mix and mix. Wash and peel if necessary. But I don’t think that with these ingredients, you have to do that. Well, let’s see.




Today’s a season of avocados! And avocados in our province are cheap unlike here in Manila. So when I went home for a short vacation, my weekend was full of eating avocado flesh and drinking avocado shake. I can’t get rid of it because aside from the reason that it’s my favorite, the fruit contains healthy benefits. I just don’t know that it’s also digestion until I found myself pooping time by time. It is the flowing fiber that helps cleanse our digestive system. That’s why avocado is added to our fit-sustaining granola!




I think, yogurt needs no more proof and explanation when it comes to fitness since it is widely used for this purpose was proven by a number of studies. But the question is why is it so good at this. One of the reasons it burns fat may have to do with it being a good source of calcium. However, we still need to pick the right one. If you want to be benefited from yogurt, choose the low fat, plain, unsweetened kind for they are the healthiest. That’s why yogurt is added to our fit-sustaining granola!




I’m glad that my mother is buying me lots of almonds because according to her, it will help my brain in understanding my lessons in college. But doesn’t she know that it will also affect my tummy. says that a handful of almonds alone for my snacks is perfect for a quick and easy weight loss snack because it is low in calorie yet high in fiber, which will satisfy your hunger, making you feel full. That’s why almonds are added to our fit-sustaining granola!




When my mother is on her diet, then her breakfast, lunch and dinner will be cornflakes swimming in a bowl of milk. When you caught me eating the same thing, that doesn’t mean that I’m on a diet, too. It means that I’m lazy preparing my meal so I go with this. In choosing cornflakes when you are on a diet like my mother, pick the ones that are sugar-free. Otherwise, your plans losing weight is nonsense. Non-sugar ones are effective. That’s why cornflakes are added to our fit-sustaining granola!


Sunflower Seeds

sunflower seeds

Are asking me if I typed it correctly? Sunflower seeds? Can it really help in one’s fitness? Does it have unsaturated fats that are body-friendly? Is it substantial in protein? Is it a good source of vitamin E? Does vitamin E improve exercise recovery? Is protein essential for increasing muscle mass and improving muscle tone? Does these also have fiber? Does fiber help speed the elimination of waste products from the body? Now, Yes to all! That’s why sunflower seeds are added to our fit-sustaining granola!

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