Honda Philippines Factory Tour

Last Friday was fun and informative because we had an educational tour in First Philippine Industrial Park in Santo Tomas, Batangas for our Complex Economics subject. My classmates and I were so amazed to see a number of leading factories in the world built together in one area. And one of them is Honda Philippines, one of the leading motorcycle manufacturer in the Philippines. It was the focus of our field trip so we got the chance to take a peek of their factory, to know more about the manufacturer and to see how they produce their motorcycles.

The main factory is composed of different stations but we only got to see its welding station, painting station, assembling station and checking station. I’m surprised to know that they do all these manually. This explains why the company has a big number of employees. This also explains why their products surely have no problems since a motorcycle passes a hundred eyes before it will be released. Despite of having more human labor than machinery, Honda Philippines was able to produce a high-quality motorcycle in just 32 seconds.

If you think that producing a complicated product such as motorcycle in more than half a minute can be tiring for the workers, well, you’re wrong about that. When we visited their workplace, I realized that their job is not actually tiring because of their coordination. And it reflects on their faces as we witnessed smiles and greetings from them. Guests will really feel welcome to their factory because of the happy employees. Moreover, Honda Philippines doesn’t only ensure the happiness of their workers but they also guarantee their safety as it is their number one priority.

Since cameras are not allowed inside, I just grabbed a clip from Discovery Channel showing how Honda motorcycles are created. The video is obviously not taken in the Philippines but the process of making motorcycles in Honda Philippines is almost the same as this.

We came here in two groups. The first one is our group from DLSU and the second one is from Osaka University. Yeah! We were with Japanese students so we didn’t just enjoy our trip in FPIP, we also enjoy the company of our new friends.

Displayed in their admin office are their newest models with fresh and attractive designs. They have models for manual users and for automatic riders and even the classic ones for tricycles.

This is Mr. Daiki Mihara, the president of Honda Philippines. Imagine! We met the president himself, who is obviously Japanese. I noticed that most of the heads are Japanese and some of the staff knows Japanese language. I don’t know but I find that cute.

And aside from the unforgettable experience, I’m so happy to bring home these freebies. But what makes me happier are their generosity and hospitality to their guests. Thank you very much, Honda Philippines, for having us.

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