How To Fall Asleep Immediately

How To Fall Asleep Immediately

Having no classes means waking up late and waking up late means sleeping late. If you’ll ask me what time I sleep during vacation, my answer will be from 1 am to 4 am causing me to wake up at 12 pm and the cycle continues. As of this time, this sleeping routine is just alright. But I’m having a problem on how to change it when school days come. Imagine the day before school, I’ll sleep 4 am then wake up 7 am or 8 am for my first day of class. No! I won’t do that! How I hate waking up with little sleep! So what I need to do is to sleep early and immediately. My friends suggest to drink milk or take sleeping pills but if I fall to that idea, it will take an hour or two before I’ll feel sleepy. Hence, I made solutions by myself as I do things before I sleep and identify which one helps me fall asleep.


1. Listening to Music

listen to music
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I know you’ve experienced the scenario when someone plays a calming music and you started to feel sleepy. Listening to music before sleeping is as effective as what music does during that scenario. Listening to your favorite songs before bed can help you sleep better and wake up more refreshed. You just have make sure that those songs aren’t energizers or else, it will cause you the other way around. Try visiting Lullabby Songs.


2. Talking with God

talk to God
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One night, I fell asleep while praying. I felt sorry because I thought it was wrong. I asked a church person and said that it’s not a wrongdoing, instead, God is guiding me to sleep. From then on, I let God make me feel relaxed and calm by talking with Him until I fall asleep or feel sleepy. You can do the same way and I ensure you that it is really effect. Just make sure that your purpose is to talk with Him and not to fall asleep that’s why you’re praying.


3. Breathing

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When you’re relaxed, it will be easy for you to fall asleep. But the question is how to be relaxed. It is simple – breathe. To start, lie on your back, place one hand on your chest and the other on your belly so that you may feel the air inside you. Through the nose, inhale for a count of five, then exhale for a count of five. This breathing technique is what I’m doing every night. However, there are other breathing exercises that you can do.


4. Counting

count from 99
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I remember Mr. Bean in his show when he counted sheep to fall asleep. Because of me wanting to sleep, I fell for that idea. I don’t have a photo of a flock but it’s alright. I can count without it. And believe me, it’s really possible that this activity will help you in your insomnia. Just try not to move and let your mind count, not with your hands. I tried counting backwards from 99 and by 50 or less, you will find yourself dreaming.


5. Writing your thoughts

write your thoughts
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Sometimes, the reason why we can’t sleep is the thoughts that revolves inside our mind. People tend to think of their crush, their family, their plans, their school works, their friends and stuff like that. I know you can relate so maybe, you should take this solution. All you have to do is to let go these thoughts for a while or for just a night by writing them on a piece of paper. This clears your head and makes it easier to sleep.

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