How To Make Fruit-flavored Ice Cubes In Lemon-lime Soda


Seeing different colors of ice can really be fascinating, especially on children since colors can easily attract their eyes. But it seems like adults love these colorful ice cubes, too. In fact, they are the ones who are addicted in putting these on their drinks. Well, it’s because fruit-flavored ice cubes are originally poured on clear alcoholic beverages. That explains why they’re addicted. Sadly, spirits are not recommended for children who would also like to experience drinking with these fruit-flavored ice cubes. This brought me to an idea of making fruit-flavored ice cubes in lemon-lime soda. Everyone can enjoy this. That’s for sure.


1. Prepare all the ingredients needed. This includes different fruit flavors of powdered juice, Sprite and water.



2. Get your ice mold and in each of its boxes, put a quarter teaspoon of different flavors of powdered juice.



3. Fill them with water.



4. Mix them one by one.



5. Place the ice mold in the freezer.



6. When the fruit-flavored ice cubes are crystallized, throw them in your favorite glass or pitcher.



7. Pour Sprite into it.



8. Your Sprite with fruit-flavored ice cubes is now done and ready to be sipped.


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