How To Make Hot Nutella Chocolate

how to make hot nutella chocolate

If you, guys, know me, the you probably know that I am a chocolate and hazelnut freak. I’m all over to anything chocolate and anything hazelnut. So if we combine the two flavors together, then it will be the most magical thing on this planet! I believe that making this and drinking this is more exciting than doing the same on the regular hot chocolate. With this, it would be better to give your hot chocolate every morning a twist from now on by adding hazelnut flavor or Nutella, specifically. When we heard of Nutella, there’s no more question or explanation on how delectable it is. It’s superb especially during holiday season because it warms us up yet it is still timely during summer since we can’t resist the creaminess, the deliciousness, the yummy-ness, the chocolatey-ness, the hazelnutty-ness and everything beautiful that comes out from my mouth with a -ness of hot Nutella chocolate. I can’t wait for this delight to touch my lips so let’s get this started.


1. Prepare all the ingredients needed. This includes Nutella, cocoa, milk and vanilla.

hot nutella chocolate step 1


2. Cook a cup of milk over a medium heat.

hot nutella chocolate step 2


3. Stir in a tablespoon of cocoa powder until well blended and remove from heat.

hot nutella chocolate step 3


4. Add as much Nutella as you want until it reached your desired taste.

hot nutella chocolate step 4


5. Mix in a quarter teaspoon of vanilla.

hot nutella chocolate step 5


6. Froth.


hot nutella chocolate step 6


7. Pour on your favorite cup and decorate.

hot nutella chocolate step 7


8. Your Hot Nutella Chocolate is now done and ready to be eaten.

hot nutella chocolate step 8

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