Hugot Lines From Pinoy TV Series


I know that many of us, especially Filipinos, either kids, teens or adults, no matter how emotional and unrealistic our Philippine teleserye has become, still find time to watch every day, mostly every night, to gain additional life insights, to find a character they can relate with, to see their favorite actors and actresses act, to take a break from a stressful problems or just to have fun in their leisure time. Watching TV series isn’t really my hobby but when I’m doing something such as studying or blogging, I leave my TV on so that my room won’t be quiet. Yes, I still glance and listen to them. With that, I was able to understand the show’s story and find them very amusing as far as hugot lines are concerned. Listed below are the hugot lines that stunned me and caused me to stop on my work.


“Matitikman n’yo ang batas ng alipin!” – Eula Valdez, Pangako Sa’yo

pangako sayo quote

Aside from the vengeful characters, one of the reason why Pangako Sayo became iconic is this line given emotion by Amor Powers, especially now that it rans again through a 2015 remake. This made Pangako Sayo fans compare who’s the better alipin. In Eula’s version, you can feel Amor’s anger of what they did to her and her family. In Jodi’s version, you can feel Amor’s sorrow of what happened to her and her family. Both versions are amazing!


“Ako na ang mahal ni Victor at hindi ikaw! Wag kang bitter!” – Erich Gonzales, Two Wives

two wives qoute

This scene owned by Yvonne and Janine shook the houses of every viewers at that time. The two girls, or two wives rather, are totally defiant that the show didn’t gave a hint who will win the battle. But at the end of the night, Janine prevailed in the said argument by bursting out people’s favorite expression today, wag kang bitter, as she displayed brashness on her attitude.


“Sa mundong ito, kapag hindi ka natuto lumaro, mamatay kang mahirap! Kuha mo?” – Xyriel Manabat, 100 Days to Heaven

100 days to heaven quote

Xyriel Manabat in 100 Days to Heaven was the young Anna Manalastas who grew up mean, selfish, obnoxious and greedy due to her troubled past that’s why she had said this unkind yet true statement – a hugot line from her experience. But what attracts me the most was this young actress who dug these kind of words and blurted with such attitude. It looks like she know what she’s saying at such a young age.


“Ipinapangako na sasaktan ko muna ang sarili ko bago kita masaktan muli.” – Piolo Pascual, Lobo

lobo quote

Who wouldn’t melt to this hugot promise freed by the handsome Papa P? His words truly stunned me because boys like Noah are extinct. How girls wish to hear a promise like this from the guy they love! But how much more would it feel if Piolo Pascual himself tell this right in front of your eyes with the same sincerity he showed in this TV series? Lyka must be really lucky to have him.


“Kahit anak ka pa ng presidente, hinding hindi mo makukuha ang respetong hinahanap mo” – Cherry Pie Picache, Saan ka man naroroon

Saan ka man naroroon quote

I wasn’t able to catch up this 1999 TV series because I was only a year old then so I admit that I’m not familiar with the line. I just asked my mother to name one hugot line she remember during her time and this quote from Dolores was the first that came to her mind. I included this so that adults who share the same time with my mother can relate. According to my mother, Dolores’ words gave a great impact to the viewers during that time.


“Pain? Contest ba ito about pain? Baka hindi ka manalo sa’kin Agnes” – Enrique Gil, Forevermore

forevermore quote

If the 70’s kids have their entry which is Saan ka man naroroon, then the 90’s and 2000’s kids also have their entry in this list of hugot lines. Through Enrique Gil’s character, Forevermore released a quote that challenges Agnes a fight of concealing pain inside their heart prior to their breakup. This is really striking! However, Xander somehow won in this challenge but at the end, they still proved that there’s forever.


“In life, we need to give up things, to be able to hold on to what is important.” – John Lloyd Cruz, Maging Sino Ka Man

john lloyd cruz, maging sino ka man

When I’m featuring famous Pinoy lines and dialogues in my blog such as Hugot Lines from Pinoy Movies and Famous dialogues in Pinoy Movies, quotes from John Lloyd Cruz are always loved by viewers and fans. Is the beauty of these hugot lines appears because of John Lloyd or the meaning itself? I must say that John Lloyd is just a great actor that he gives his script meaning and emotions.


“Hindi naman kayamanan ang importante dito sa mundo eh. Kundi paninindigan, pamilya at pag-ibig” – Coco Martin, Walang Hanggan

walang hanggan quote

It isn’t only about love that Daniel fights for in Walang Hanggan, since the whole story is also about affirmation and family together with Julia Montes, Dawn Zulueta and Richard Gomez. We can’t deny that these celebrities made the TV drama series a huge hit maintaining the top spot in viewer ratings for most of its run.

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