Kathryn Bernardo As The Newest Sunsilk Hairkada TVC BTS

Kathryn Bernardo As The Newest Sunsilk Hairkada TVC BTS

“With Sunsilk, nakakagigil.”

Are you familiar with this line? Yeah! Actually, we’ve been hearing this for a year already in the voice of Kathryn Bernardo, the newest ambassador of Sunsilk. She stated this line on her first three advertisements for the brand, which comes with a commercial that welcomes Kathryn Bernardo to the Sunsilk family. All four TV advertisements, which feature Kathryn’s smooth and bangong-gigil hair, were posted one year from now. And right now, I decided to share my behind-the-scene photos of the said commercials. I’m sorry for posting this late. But I believe that it’s better late than never. After all, we, the fans of Kathryn, are interested to see her behind-the-scene photos no matter what date it was taken.


Upon watching this commercial, the girl next to Kathryn caught my attention because she totally looks like me. Her eyes is my eyes. We have the same hair, too. Her nose, her ears, her lips and even her body are photocopies of mine. Woah! I found my long lost twin! However, I think, I’m more beautiful than her. And of course, Kathryn Bernardo is way more beautiful than us.


newest sunsilk hairkada tvc

Hashtag squad goals! Hashtag Sunsilk Hairkada! Hashtag Girlfriends! Yeah! We look like close friends partying, chatting, laughing and having fun here. Well, that is what the director tasked us to do with these photo booth stuff. It’s not that hard, though.


newest sunsilk hairkada tvc 2

In reality, the TVC is composed of numerous takes and videos edited together. As you can see, there are parts that we’re wearing the the photo booth stuff. However, in this part, we were tasked to release these pink balloons in a carefree manner.


The first out of the three advertisements we shoot shows how we, Sunsilk hairkadas, can be game for anything and can keep our hair smooth and bangong-gigil in a smoke-filled morning commute with Sunsilk.


morning commute Sunsilk TVC

In the video, you would not identify me because I’m so blurred there but I have a proof that Kathryn is with me during her morning commute. I just don’t look good here. Ugh!


What if you unexpectedly see your crush or worst, or rather better, he seated beside you during lunch, what will you do have a smooth and bangong-gigil hair? Here’s Kathryn’s advice.


lunch with crush sunsilk tvc

If you could just place the camera into a different angle of the scene, you would see me drinking my coffee and tittle-tattling with my friend right behind Kathryn. We were here for so long. We even memorized Kathryn’s script.


With Sunsilk, hair stays smooth and bangong-gigil all day. That means that you can still be game for a night gimmick like Kathryn. In this video, you would not see me, not because I’m blurred or something, but because I’m really not on this scene.


night gimmick sunsilk tvc

But my friends are! Since it wasn’t my batch’s turn, we will serve as their photographers.


Sunsilk TVC friends

Meet the real gang and Sunsilk hairkadas behind the scenes of Sunsilk morning commute TVC, lunch with crush TVC and night gimmick TVC. We are the blurred people behind Kathryn. At least, you got to see our faces now.


sunsilk hairkada BTS

But of course, we’re happy despite of the tiring day. The fact that we got to see Kathryn up close and be with her in her commercials is already a big opportunity.


sunsilk hairkada BTS 1

Another photo with the squad! Shocks! Look at how good-looking they are! Maybe, you could recognize them, especially Kaiser, Miko and Marie of the Philippine reality show, I Do.


Ane King for Sunsilk

Since you couldn’t see me clearly on these TVCs and BTS photos, here’s my look for the shooting day. I know you’re more interested to Kathryn’s photo but sadly, I hadn’t had the chance to have a photo with here. Please just bear with this face.


sunsilk tvc wardrobe

And lastly, may I present to you my luggage I brought for the shoot. We were required to bring pastel-colored dress except pink because pinks are for Kathryn. I brought as many clothes as I can because the production are quite picky when it comes to costumes.


Let me end this behind-the-scene tour with one more video from Sunsilk. Let’s keep supporting Kathryn Bernardo, and of course, Sunsilk because with Sunsilk, nakakagigil!

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