Life Hacks For Travellers

We have a field trip this weekend and now I’m my packing clothes and preparing for the three-day trip. While packing, I came to an idea of sharing my tips in saving and maximizing baggage space to my readers. I think this is timely since Christmas vacation is just around the corner and I know your family have plans of going outside the town this holidays. So let me share some life hacks I know for travellers, especially in preparing travel essentials.


1. Roll. Don’t fold. This one’s very common when it comes to packing clothes and at the same time, saving space. But for those who still do not know this technique like my boyfriend, here’s my first life hack for you.


2. Choose small tubes for your toiletries and pack them in a resealable plastic bag so it won’t leak. Anyway, I got these from Taal Vista Hotel. So for my extra tip, bring home all the free toiletries from hotels. You’ll never know when you’ll need them.


3. Before, I was problematic on where to put my soap, especially when it’s wet, until I got the idea of wrapping it with my face towel. In this way, your wet soap won’t touch your other things.


4. Your earphones and sunglasses fit to be together! Store your loose cables like earphones and chargers in an old sunglasses case. For me, it’s fine if they’re kept together.


5. In carrying jewelries, you must have buttons for your earrings and straw for your necklace. Buttons will make your earrings inseparable and easy to find will straw will prevent your necklace from tangling. 


6. Roll the pair of socks together, wrap the end around the roll and tuck your socks into your shoes to save more space. A shoe can keep three pairs of socks. How brilliant is that!


7. Add cotton pad or ball on your makeup palettes to keep it from breaking. If you’re wondering how I found this life hack given that I’m not a fan of makeups, I got this life hack from a friend.


8. Place glass bottles like perfume inside your socks. They’re fragile and your socks will be able to protect them. I remember when my Manila friend ordered bottled gourmet tuyo made from Mindoro and I used this life hack on goods.


9. Aside from bottled essentials, you should also take precaution of your laptop. By using your hoodie, you can protect your laptop from hitting hard objects and scratching.


10. I know its strange to include a pot holder or oven mitt on your travel but they’re heat-safe cases for your flat iron or curling iron, so why not bring them with you.


11. If you’re off to the beach, bring resealable plastic bags with you. I know how bad you want to capture every scenes there to the point that you want to bring your phone in the middle of the sea. Well, that resealable bag will save your life.


12. I’ve been stacking my bras this way ever since so I wasn’t aware that this is a travel hack until I saw my friend’s messy way of storing her undergarments. So I told her to stack her bras together and fold them just like how it’s done in the photo.


13. Ready to go? Not yet! You can’t be ready without Google Maps! What can Google Maps do? Well, it simply downloads your route so you can access maps even without WiFi. Just search for your route and enter “Ok Maps” in the search bar.


14. Have you ever experience difficulties in carrying your luggage? Maybe, the problem is in the weight of your bag. You must put your heavy stuff like shoes near the wheels to keep the balance.


15. And lastly, don’t forget to attach identification tags on all of your baggage to make it easier for your to spot your belongings. And in case your bag got lost, the founder has your information.

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