How To Make Coffee Jelly

Although it is once seen in British and American cuisine before, coffee jelly was developed and was popularized in Japan where it can be found in most of their restaurants and convenience stores. The beautiful recipe leaked outside the country making coffee jelly one of the world’s loved dessert. It is pretty famous here in the Philippines as we serve them during celebrations.

Now, we make the Philippine version of coffee jelly. But there will be some kind of twist because we are going to add chocolate bars in it. Of Course, this is optional. The typical coffee jelly does not have chocolate bars. We were just inspired by Dine at Log’s Coffee Jelly which has Moreno, a chocolate bar of The Wild Range. We think this is yummy, unique and awesome to share.


1. Prepare all the ingredients needed. This includes unflavored jelly powder mix, powdered coffee, condensed milk, all-purpose cream and caramel bar. The Wild Range’s Moreno for the chocolate bar.


2. In a boiling water, dissolve jelly powder mix and stir.


3. Put in two tablespoons of powdered coffee for the jelly flavor. Stir continuously.


4. Once simmered, pour the jelly mixture into a container or two. Let them cool.


5. When the jelly is solid already, slice it into small cubes.


6. Place these cubes into a bowl.


7. Mix in a cup of all-purpose cream and a half cup of condensed milk.


8. Slice the chocolate bar into cubes, just like the jelly.


9. And add these to the coffee jelly mixture.


10. Mix them all together.


11. Refrigerate. It is best to serve it chilled.


12. Your Coffee Jelly is now done and ready to be served.

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