NWorld: Enlightening Beauty

NWorld Enlightening Beauty

During the second half of the twentieth century, the concept of networking was promoted to help business people build their social capital. No, I don’t do networking. I’m just helping my mother who happens to be a dealer of Alphanetworld Corporation or commonly known as NWorld, a distribution company of beauty and wellness products in Asia. I don’t easily get attracted to skincare products because I believe that most of them are just having lies on their propaganda. But NWorld proved that their products are really working in whitening, moisturizing, rejuvenating, glowing, sun blocking, protecting and acne removing. Setting aside the idea how it is marketed, I’m going to make a review on these products as a buyer or user and not as a seller. By that, I’m going to be honest on what I feel about them instead of doing my sales talk to my customers just to encourage everyone to buy. Well, it’s better to be honest than to dash the customers’ hope, right?


Nlighten Body Cream

nlighten body cream

ane king with nlighten body cream

What I admire about Nlighten Body Cream is its instant whitening effect once it is applied. In this photo, I spread cream on my left arm and compared it to my right. Actually, this effect wasn’t potent on my arms which made me conclude that its whitening benefits is not for people with already fair skin. I still used it for my dark spots such as elbows and knees and I must say that the whitening effect may not be instant in these parts yet changes can be seen after few uses. After all, we can still have it for retaining our skin’s natural moisture making it soft, supple, clean and younger with even skin tones.


Nlighten CC Cushion

nlighten cc cushion

ane king with nlighten cc cushion

My make-up artist was preparing for my look to pair with my OOTD: Powers Of Amor when I took this photo. My mother suggested to put Nlighten CC Cushion instead of my make-up artist’s foundation. Comparing my previous appearances using my make-up artist’s foundation and this, I perceived that his foundation, which, I believe, is branded though I don’t know what brand, makes my face dull in color yet smooth in texture. On the other hand, this NWorld’s air cushion maintains my fair and smooth skin, and at the same time, helps obtain a nourished skin with its superior anti-oxidant and hydration contents.


Nlighten Cloud Cream

nlighten cloud cream

ane king with nlighten cloud cream

Just like the Nlighten Body Cream, Nlighten Cloud Cream doesn’t modifies my skin color because of the same reason, I guess. But unlike their cream for body, this cream for face can’t hide my acne marks as seen on the photo above. However, I was fascinated on its abilities in preventing signs of aging, reducing the look of fine lines, preventing over-production of melanin, protecting skin from damaging effects of UVA and UVB rays. There’s no doubt that it will be harmful to my skin since it is made with natural ingredients which are the extracts of white rice and white milk.


Nlighten Eye Gel

nlighten eye gel

ane king with nlighten eye gel

I admit that I stopped using some NWorld products due to my skin’s sensitivity and needless use of whitening products. On the other hand, Nlighten Eye Gel is one of those that remains on my after-bath routine. I totally appreciate its help in reducing puffiness and brightening dark circles under my eyes. It turned my eyes from sleepy to beauty. I must say that this is the most effective NWorld product, for me and for others, I guess, since it’s the most sought-after product of NWorld apart from soaps which has the least price and Nlighten Underarm Cream to be featured and reviewed later.


Nlighten Kojic Papaya Soap

nlighten papaya kojic soap

ane king with nlighten kojic papaya soap

I always tell my customers that I do not recommend Nlighten Kojic Papaya Soap to people whose skin is sensitive to papaya soaps. My mother encountered complaining customers, maybe because papaya soaps are not for them, for us, rather. Yeah! I’m one of them. However, I see and hear good news from my friends who are used to it. The changes of skin color from dark to fair can easily be noticed for some while others found it effective in removing acne. What surprised me is that a number of consumers also said that they don’t feel any changes. Nlighten Kojic Papaya Soap chooses people, huh?


Nlighten Facial Cleanser

nlighten facial cleanser

ane king with nlighten facial cleanser

The moment I wiped cotton damped with Nlighten Facial Cleanser on my face, I only notice one reaction – its strength. This cleanser is so strong that its small amount spread evenly on my face can bring smart to my skin. Is it just me and my abrupt shift from one brand to another? I think so because this is having a good feedback from my customers. Shocks! Could you please excuse my sensitivity? Nevertheless, as we can see on the cotton, this facial cleanser absolutely cleans face and removes dirt. It’s great after roaming around pollution or after having make-up. That’s what I do.


Nlighten O2 Bubble Cleanser

nlighten o2 bubble cleanser

ane king with nlighten o2 bubble cleanser

Its description in advertisements states that Nlighten O2 Bubble Cleanser is for people who are lazy using soap. I never thought that there are such people existing. But I think, the process of washing with this cleanser, which includes spreading evenly, resting for a minute, removing foam, massaging and rinsing, would take more time than washing with soap. So why will this be a good substitute for lazy soap users? I find this helpful and amazing though because the bubbles forming when this is applied are the dirt of the skin that’s why every after use, the glow of my face can be observed.


Nlighten Underarm Cream

nlighten underarm cream

ane king with nlighten underarm cream

Although Nlighten Underarm Cream has nothing to whiten on me, it’s also on the list of my after-bath routine to keep my underarm skin healthy since it maintains bright and soft underarms. I can’t believe that I finally got an underarm skincare that’s compatible to my body, and Nlighten cream as well. It’s just disappointing that it’s not working when underarms are or will become sweaty. So I suggest that if you’ll use it, smear it at night when you are about to sleep. It’s alright to pair it with a deodorant of your choice on days and this underarm cream on nights. Just be sure to don’t mix the two because I don’t know what will happen.

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